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  1. idk he has been on a snap count all year. Not sure if I should be concerned. Jets are solid against TE but Andrews is the main WR as well.... Picked up Higbee...IDK
  2. worried about Perriman....he is hot garbage. Hope Howard gets more involved or that rook Miller is healthy enough to play.
  3. Sorry but this sounds ridiculous to me. I'll takes Evans upside ALL DAY.
  4. Anyone here see the game? I see DJ put up some pts this week on limited touches but how did he look?
  5. Sorry to get off topic (penny's weight lol) but what do you guys think of him this week? you think he gets around 15 touches again? [...]
  6. I'm strongly considering starting Penny over him....
  7. Godwin got tackled on the 1. Defense actually played ok while Foles looked horrible. Barber scored 2TD's?!?!?! Winston didn't throw an INT to give the opponent good field position.....this was a MAJOR outlier no way that kind of game flow will happen again.
  8. I just wish for one week that he can start a game without throwing an INT on the first drive. I know he will put up pts but seeing the '-2' EVERY Sunday to start the game is annoying.
  9. THIS!!! drop them all now and you will have a much happier, stress free FF playoffs.
  10. I grabbed him in one league. I could use him this week as my flex [...] but will probably hold and see how he looks. Been out a few weeks, tough match up, suddenly crowded WR group.....
  11. lol WAAAAAAYYYY to early in the week for panic. Come back in 2-3 days.
  12. At this point an injury update is irrelevant to me. Dropping even if they say he is 100% healthy. I'm tired of this shenanigan's! He cant function as a committee back. He needs 12+ touches to get rolling. That isn't going to happen....
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