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  1. I don't. How many teams have invested in a worse QB? Ignore rookies. Who's left? Miami, probably. Denver, probably. Tampa, the Giants, Cowboys, Jacksonville, and Tennessee are all mistakenly under the impression that they have QBs. Beyond that, I'm out of teams. Oakland has a bottom-ten QB situation.
  2. Have fun. Allen is a reliable top-8 WR when healthy. Cooper will be fortunate to finish top-20. I would guess he does, but it'll be close for sure.
  3. I'm not sure I totally agree, although I don't think Zeke at 1 is wrong, necessarily. DJ has demonstrated himself to be matchup-proof, Bell has a sky-high ceiling against defenses that can't commit to stopping him, and Gurley just shat on the competition and has had no significant changes to his situation. Zeke's passing game is a serious question mark. He's going to get funneled a ton of touches no matter the game script, so it's not a disaster, but 1.01 for me is Bell. Unless he gets hurt, I can't see him outside the top 3 RBs under any circumstances.
  4. I agree with the sentiment that he probably comes back for one more year. Maybe two, but that's it. The Patriots also clearly protect him by using him as little as they can afford to in the regular season, especially across the middle, to try to have him healthy for the playoffs. Even with the injury concerns and the reduced usage, he's still clear TE1. Just a testament to how otherworldly good he is. But yeah, I don't expect to own him much for the remainder of his incredible career.
  5. Slot+. Always has been, probably always will be. I scoffed at his being drafted as a WR1, but I had no idea how terrible he would be. This year, his value will probably be more reasonable, but I'm still not likely to own him. Carr is not as good as public sentiment believes. Cooper is not as good as public sentiment believes. Gruden will probably not be as good as public sentiment believes. The Raiders defense will at some point improve. The Raiders running game will at some point improve. I assume Cooper will rebound, but he'll be a 3rd round pick that isn't that safe
  6. Yeah, that's the concern. Also the Browns allowing only 3.30 ypc. Howard was born to run inside in the NFL, and makes the best use of inside blocking of any RB in the league IMO. But the inside blocking has deteriorated massively with the injuries. I think he needs the touchdown. He'll probably get a couple cracks at it, but who knows what happens when he does?
  7. I feel like he must get a touchdown against Cleveland. No way they don't get some short fields, right?
  8. I've said it since June. He's a top six receiver in the league on talent. He was gold with a real QB, but he remains silver as long as his QB is peppering him with targets. And his QB is very much peppering him with targets. He remains a top play each and every week in my opinion, but maybe that's my insanely high ownership share talking.
  9. He passes the eye test. Given the condition of Seattle's run game, and the insane rotation of terrible options that has persisted in a post-Lynch run game, I can't really recommend him this week or even this year. But dynasty owners should be taking note, I think. What would he look like in a better environment? Might that environment be the 2018 Seahawks? He's an intriguing stash because he maximizes touches. I always feel like he gets everything that's there and sometimes a good bit more.
  10. Okay, so I nailed this. But please don't look at the Spencer Ware/Kareem Hunt threads, yeah?
  11. I don't agree. The AFC six seed is wide open. The Bills don't seem likely to take it turning to a project rookie QB, the Ravens are not bad but clearly not very good, Oakland and Denver are worse than the Chargers... I actually think they're the favorite for the six seed. I may be totally wrong about that, but I don't think it's wrong to say that they remain invested in winning in the next few weeks. Also, as it applies to Melvin Gordon, he remains an obvious component of their near-term future, whether that's as a clear lead back or a core member of a committee. I don't see front
  12. Sorry, meant to say Hunt. I thought Hunt would not live up to ADP right before the season.
  13. Man, I goofed on Gillislee and West. But I nailed Hopkins and Kamara, and that may just get me through this year.
  14. I think things are looking up for him. He's been much more efficient on his touches in the last two games. Against Carolina in particular, he was tripped up a couple times where he would have gone for 20 or more yards. Those were tackles barely made. What's hurting him has been the Patriots' defense. They have had no clock-killing opportunities, and no real opportunities to grind teams down. I think that will change. The defense has the talent to be a quality unit and it's getting healthier. Communication is the concern, and I just can't see that continuing indefinitely
  15. I said back in June that he would end up being the back to own for the Saints. People were throwing around a lot of crap about pass protection, ignoring that Sproles and Pierre Thomas were probably below average in that area and Saints-era Bush was truly horrible at it. Payton understands that the best way to protect your quarterback is to advance the ball and score points. That prevents opportunities for the defense to tee off on your QB in obvious pass scripts. Whichever RB keeps the offense on schedule is the RB who protects your QB best. Actual blocking is a consideration only after that.
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