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  1. Solid starting lineup but I think you'll need to find another RB and WR for depth. I like the Maclin pick but not high on Lacy. You can work the FA and have a nice team. Thanks for mine.
  2. I wouldn't draft a TE either unless one of those guys fall to the 7th or 8th rounds. It might be worth it to take guys like Ertz, Walker, Bennett real late in the draft.
  3. 10th however I drafted from the 8th spot in the first two rounds due to a trade. Thanks
  4. Love it, great job. Nice depth at RB and strong everywhere else. Better than some 12 league teams.
  5. Solid team for PPR, a lot of catches on that team. I think you'll be looking for a RB throughout the season but you can find one on waivers or through trade. Good team.
  6. Cook, I think he's safest of the 3 in terms of games played and snaps per game.
  7. 1. Powell 2. Gore 3. Hunt 4. Blount 5. Burkhead
  8. 12 team .5 ppr QB/WR/WR/WR/RB/RB/TE/FLEX/DST QB: Andrew Luck (7th round) WR: AJ Green (1) WR: Amari Cooper (2) WR: Jarvis Landry (4) RB: Christian McCaffrey (3) RB: Mark Ingram (6) TE: Eric Ebron (10) FLEX: Sammy Watkins (5) DST: Stream Bench: Randall Cobb (8) Jonathan Stewart (9) Jacquizz Rodgers (11) Big Ben (12) Jalen Richard (13) Matt Forte (14)
  9. Many believe he is in the wrong offense which I can understand however I don't think this is an issue. During the course of Cam Newton's career the Panthers RBs have averaged 50 catches on 68 targets. This includes some combination of Stewart, Williams, Tolbert, and Whittaker, and not the one off RBs with receptions. Now that combination isn't anything to be excited about but this offense has never had a player with these skill sets. I wouldn't be surprised to see him lined up wide or in the slot. I'm confident he can catch 50 balls and that makes him a solid option in PPR and half PPR le
  10. I usually stay away from rookies, however McCaffrey interest me given his unique skill sets. I went back and took a look at Reggie Bush's rookie season and he posted 565y/6t on the ground and 88/742/2 through the air and an addition PR TD. Now that came in a more fantasy friendly offense with Brees at QB. But it also came with Deuce McAllister running for 1,057 and 10TDs and Colston, Joe Horn, and Devery Henderson being productive. The question is can McCaffery who was a similar type player, put up similar numbers, and was in the same conference as Bush put up those type of numb
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