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  1. I'm picking him late as I think he'll have a much better season. He only had like 4 TDs or something last year but he had a bunch (5-6) that were called back by penalties.
  2. How do we feel about him now as a Texan?
  3. 10 tm std Bell for ARod and Gronk. 10 tm std TY Hilton and Royce Freeman for Antonio Brown.
  4. Jags in thriller Vikings in a romp Super Bowl (God help me.... Vikings)
  5. I also made it to the finals and lost because I lost AB and the Leg
  6. I shake my head I say this, but Blake Bortles.
  7. WR2 and 3 are pretty split here. Jaamal Williams is facing the Vikings who are the best run defense. Any other opinions?
  8. Cooks only had 2 catches for 17 yds against Buffalo the first time. I'd sit him in a gamble.
  9. Pick 3: Cooks, Flash Gordon, Marvin Jones, Crabtree, Shepard Pick 2: Melvin Gordon, Jaamal Williams, Duke Johnson, Crowell, Ajayi Also available on waivers Perine, Woodhead, Cohen, Riddick, Kerwyn
  10. I had both last night. I was down but that long pass to Cooks with like 3 minutes left gave me the win by .8. I'll take it.
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