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  1. I guess I really view it differently......to me its kickers on good offense w/ preference for dome or warm weather teams and DST is all about matchups....
  2. I'm on the fence.....I'm an old fart I guess and just cant get used to this new age no K or DST I guess. I never thought I'd be the old guy!
  3. ok, doesn't look like much interest so it is out for tonight
  4. I have had 3 or 4 guys from another league I run ask me to do a second one tonight. I have not set the league up yet as I am gauging interest. snake draft tonight at 8:00 Central $100 full point ppr 14 teams leaguesafe w/ majority approval $700 $350 $150 $100 best record $100 most points 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1Flex 1K 1D 7 man bench w/ 2 IR 6 points for passing TD
  5. The wife is gone tonight TK, lets do another one !! I would be in if you do one tonight (Thursday) anytime from 8:00 central on
  6. I guess I am in the minority then. I can wait 1-2 extra days to have thousands of dollars held by a stranger be protected. Guess I'm an odd ball....although seeing leagues that are protected fill up within a couple hours of being posted tells me otherwise
  7. which has nothing to do with the way 99% of people cash out....just as I said. I used to run a couple leagues where I had at most 2 owners of turnover a year and my longtime owners resisted going to leaguesafe for a few years. They all knew me and had played long enough to know they were safe. I see you on here a lot so you are most likely in the same boat I was in. I just got tired of having this same conversation with people when trying to recruit them. I was the one in your shoes and decided it wasn't worth explaining myself continually so I switched to leaguesafe. My entire point was that
  8. incorrect......yes you may set it to the echeck only option and avoid fees when paying your entry but there are fees associated with the most common methods of cashing out your winnings. It's your league....good luck and have a great season
  9. may I ask why you even use leaguesafe? Without majority approval why not just have them paypal you money and save the fees?
  10. thanks.....I'm sure you are legit but I will pass. I Commish tons of leagues and have never had any issues w/ people votong on payouts...nor have I ever participated in a league that has had any issues. ZERO downside to majority vote so I will pass
  11. Is this on leaguesafe and set to majority approval?
  12. It's also poor taste to want to join a league posted as 12 team w set rosters and start demanding a bunch of crap....including FUNDAMENTAL changes to what's posted. This guy does a great job running leagues and I guarantee he fills it's easily. Move along now please so those of us responding to what the league was posted as can proceed
  13. Pretty hard to reserve my spot by paying through leaguesafe when the leagues isn't set up yet don't you think? Ive played 6 or leagues w this commish and always pay immediately. I was simply stating that I'm in even w the switch and asked him to hold a spot if I'm not sitting on my phone to see it when he opens the league
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