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  1. For me it's the other way around. Made the switch from H2H to Roto 7 years ago and never looked back. You play the long game in roto, rather than dealing with all the randomness in H2H, which I like. Sure, this season still impacts your team in roto but you can strategize a lot better for minimal impact. To each his own I guess, but once I played my first roto league I was hooked.
  2. His play this year has been far superior of what we've seen from him in the past, but it's worse for fantasy. He has taken a great leap defensively this year under Thibs, but it also means playing less aggressive (and less gambling on blocks). Offensively he's still a non-factor, so I really don't expect him to do much better (fantasy wise) than this. The rebounding could improve if it weren't for Randle.
  3. Yeah I get that it's possible to draft those builds (and well done if you did), but I'm just saying it's not the way to measure a player's value. If you'd pair FVV with Durant and Adebayo like I mentioned your FG would stand at .507; enough to be first in that cat in pretty much every league. So does he hurt you in that cat? Sure, he has negative impact. Do you have to punt FG with him on your team? Far from it. His negative impact on FG is a bit bigger (-1.54) than Middleton's negative impact on blocks (-1.09), but both require you to draft/trade accordingly to compensate for it.
  4. That's pretty much a non-argument, to compare them while including certain (very specific) builds to compensate for their weaknesses. Pair FVV with Durant and Adebayo or Jaylen Brown, and *poof* gone are his weaknesses. Fact is that FVV is ranked 13th in per game value and Middleton 20th, in 9-cat without punting anything. So it's awfully close between the two of them. Not just in H2H, but in roto too it's a wash up as far as value goes and just a matter of which one fits your build better.
  5. I disagree; he's pretty much a spot up shooter from 3 these days, but at 34% (last year at 24%). Doesn't offer anything else. No defense, all of his athleticism is gone. A contending team would benefit a whole lot more from someone in his role that is actually good at it. Next stop for Blake is either retirement or CBA.
  6. Bam returned (as did Dragic and Nunn). He's an easy drop now (Butler and Herro also close to returning).
  7. This. A little more spacing helps RJ, and Quickley and Burks help with that. Bench should be Frank, Rivers, Knox, Obi, Noel. Get rid of Payton and Bullock.
  8. Personally, I'm not going to ship him out 1 for 1. Because, as mentioned by Johnnyapplebot, you won't get fair value for him. When he plays he provides steady first round value, and it was to be expected he'd miss games (either because of injuries or because of being a whiny little POS). I'm looking to package him in hopes of adding some more star power, but the team I own him on is very deep and could actually do with losing 2 good players in exchange for a great one. If you drafted him in a snake draft with your 1st round pick, and you can't get a good 2nd rounder for him, I'd suggest you just hold on to him for now since his trade value is at an all time low.
  9. Ended up with him for $39 in my main league after a bidding war while I didn't really want him to begin with (got carried away and thought I could get a few extra bucks off the board). Then I figured, 'he's supposed to return 2nd round value so I'm not too mad at getting him. He'll probably be useful, and should be a great trade asset down the road'. Well, that didn't happen so far. 😒
  10. Exactly; Murray is a solid (and pretty efficient) 2nd offensive weapon on the Nuggets, but his game is a bit "empty" to take the next leap in terms of fantasy value. He already gives you solid %s, low TO (especially for his position), scores close to 20 ppg, and is solid in 3pm. His steal rate however is low (and always has been) and he doesn't offer many AST (and won't on this team since Jokic is the main playmaker). Those two things really limit him from climbing up to top 50 range. Only (realistic) way for him to take the next step in terms of fantasy value is to increase his 3PG to around 3.0 without a significant drop-off in FG%.
  11. So I looked up that video after reading your comment, and what a great example of how incompetent Vivek Ranadive is. It's not even necessarily the pick itself, it's how he interferes with the FO, scouts, and analytic guys like he has even the slightest clue on what he's talking about.
  12. This could very well be an age-related thing, but in my opinion he's not even the best rookie named Melo I've ever seen. That being said, this kid is doing a lot better than what I had expected prior to this season. His AST:TO ratio is very nice and more importantly his shooting isn't tanking his value completely (not at all these last two weeks). I was expecting him to shoot around 35-37% from the field, but from what we've seen 40-42% should definitely be possible (and in combination with the rest of his line that should place him in top 75 range).
  13. High TO, no stocks, pretty bad FT% on its given volume, just okay-ish FG% (shooting better than we can expect him to these first couple of games). He's great in the popcorn stats department, and definitely rosterable in all leagues but I don't think he's criminally undervalued whatsoever. He hurts you as much as he's helping you.
  14. Not that weird. New team, new coach; Thibs is still trying to find and establish his starting 5. At some point we're probably going to see Noel start (or at least play more minutes) when Mitch is blowing defensive duties. For now it's hard to trust anyone's role outside of RJ, Burks, Bullock and Randle. I'm holding on to Noel, but that's only because in the league where I own him I went with a balanced approach and he's the last guy on my bench. If I'm in need of stocks I can always slot him in (or when Mitch happens to miss a game).
  15. This. He was looking much more involved last night from what we've seen of him in MEM these past couple of seasons. No clue if his role is relatively safe when JJJ (and perhaps Winslow) come back, but he definitely shouldn't be on the wire until they return. Something like 14-8 with good stocks and a few assists sprinkled in should be obtainable until the Grizz are back to full health.
  16. Off to a good start so far. Hope he's able to carve out the role these first couple of weeks that'll last whenever JJJ comes back.
  17. Heal up quick please.. he is already such a major improvement over that bum Payton. As for fantasy purposes, Quickley is probably a year away from being a solid contributor to standard leagues. Will have some great nights for sure this year, but he's on a short leash so you can't really count on him yet. He does however make the team play a lot better by simply getting his teammates involved and proving the needed spacing. Him playing more minutes should really increase the value of other guys on the NYK.
  18. If only Payton hadn't iced him out in the second half he would have probably had 35+ this game. The threes were a nice bonus; still not expecting those to fall at a high rate, but he looks much more comfortable taking them at least so that might be a good sign.
  19. This is so true. Whiteside is the posterchild for "blocks don't mean defense". He's absolutely horrible defensively, but since he gambles on blocks people seem to think he's a good defender.
  20. Took a flyer on him. How well do y'all think his steals will translate to the NBA if given enough minutes? Obviously he's not going to keep up the rate he's having this pre-season, but would 1.5 SPG be obtainable for him if he plays 28mins?
  21. I'd take FVV over Murray just because of the steals. They should return fairly similar value I presume, but I'd rather make up for FVV's FG% than Murray's SPG. Guess it really depends who you'll pair either one of them with.
  22. Should be solid to start the season while JJJ is out, and his game translates to fantasy pretty well. We'll have to see what happens to his role when JJJ comes back, but should be worth a late round pick as a flyer.
  23. This. In a casual league with friends or co-workers you might have a chance to pick him up with your last pick or from waivers. But in any competitive league: no chance. At least some of the players will value his skillset and opportunity this year, and he'll be gone for sure. He was drafted for $7 in one of my leagues, FWIW. In snake I'd say 10th round in a 12-teamer seems reasonable (still some upside at drafting him at that point).
  24. Basically in the same weight class as well... But good find, those stat lines aren't too far off. Makes you wonder even more why some people are so high on Zion.
  25. On a serious note: he doesn't fit the team. Ball dominant, clogging up the lane, not very good on defense. His age isn't an issue, but he's not the veteran this Knicks team needs. The young guys will benefit tremendously from Randle and Payton being moved.
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