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  1. ugh really had high hopes. i shoulda known better
  2. as if i didnt love this guy enough already
  3. this guy was on a ridiculous tear. even Kobe had his bad nights.
  4. not time to panic. they got blown out by the jazz.
  5. im convinced nurse will still try to give Len minutes over boucher
  6. it is getting absurd at this point. boucher didn't even start the 2nd half in this one because of "matchups" i presume. nurse you ignorant buffoon.
  7. raptor fans on this thread: alex len couldve done that too!
  8. ive watched every game and it seems like the coach favors the trae/capela pick and roll over the trae/collins because of collins's ability to stretch the floor. also, aside from that pick and roll, everyone else is just a chucker and plays for themself (hunter, reddish, huerter, bogdan, goodwin). its cutthroat. anybody with a brain saw that they were just signing guys with no thought on fit. i mean, capela with JC already here made no sense. gallo, ok, veteran presence. but bogdan? random af when you already have reddish and huerter. i thought reddish was blossoming like PG at the
  9. i LOVE this guy, but still, sell high? can he do it for a full season (72 games)?
  10. hes mistaken. if i were to create a player, he'd come out looking exactly like boucher
  11. you must be new to luke walton as a head coach
  12. lets see if walton has figured it out. I doubt it. id put money on whiteside somehow taking minutes from holmes
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