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  1. Entry is $25. Pick one player from the player list for each position below. Then pick any 2 players in MLB that you did not pick as your Utility players. At the end of the year I will add up all your players HR and we will see who gets paid. Payout: 1st 55%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15% ! Ties will split. I will keep 5% for putting all this together and running it. I will put a link to the google spreadsheet on leaguesafe once the season starts with everyone’s players so everyone can see who picked who. You can have more than one entry if you would like. As soon as you pay your entry em
  2. Draft and Hold means: We do a slow draft for our whole team and that is the team you have all year. No waivers,no setting lineups, no trades. Once the draft is over you just sit back and Cheer on your team! Roster: C,1B,2B,3B,SS,MI,CI,5OF,2 Utility,12 Pitchers Scoring: BA,HR,RBI,Steals,Runs,Whip,ERA,Saves,Wins,K’s $100 to enter. 15 teams=$1,500-$150 cbs fee=$1,350 in payouts. 1st place gets $1,000 2nd gets $350 The slow draft will start once everyone is paid. Email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com if you want a spot! LEAGUE IDENTITY
  3. Up to 15 entries. Still time to get your entry in!
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