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  1. The in game injury risk has me worried, but not needing to do much to win also has me worried. not sure if someone like Dak or Fitz is a safer pick this week, but as many have said, the upside is undeniable and hard to pass up dak scares me this week even tho i think he would be worth a start
  2. was really hoping to see him get sent somewhere else
  3. Obviously nervous about Jameis and his throwing hand... and yet on the other side, Dak and his matchup with a decent defense. the only edge i see with Dak is it is a tougher matchup and he could be playing from behind. My worry with Jameis is he will either aggravate the injury or that he wont have to do much against Detroit to win.
  4. up until today, in fantasy, he was the qb3 thats pretty good if people dont have a back up plan for tough matches thats on them
  5. right no sane person would think that they clearly want kamara at 100% for the playoffs after the last couple years they aren't taking unnecessary chances
  6. i think we get it, you arent impressed with Hill
  7. just benched mike williams for singletary hated to do it tough choice in my eyes
  8. lol how are we twisting "i fully expect him to be ready" into hes not gonna play? if it was a high ankle issue hes had a lot of time off of the thing in terms of game reps i think hes ready
  9. i completely agree. guys like Pascal, D Parker and even Stills seem like a safer bet than a player thats relying on Jared Garrrrrrfffff
  10. time will tell. we all know we cant base it off of one game and we shouldnt base it off of his time playing in miami with a second rate qb
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