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  1. I got the 12th spot but there are only 5 paid so far. Judging by how it usually goes there will be someone who doesn't pay and needs to be replaced.
  2. $50 Leaguesafe, 10 team, PPR, ESPN, 3 flex. Join, pay, and draft right now.... https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=64602403&inviteId=97bdc452-7403-4de4-be69-4cc775c0c9bc
  3. There was a mix up and we need one more for the snake draft. We'll draft asap.
  4. The snake league has 4 unpaid. One guy says he'll pay soon. The other 3 should get booted, which would open up 3 spots.
  5. I got the last spot for the snake league, but there are only 6 payed so far. Need 4 more to pay.
  6. I'll be #5 if there is any interest in pushing this back until it fills. I'm fine with $150 or $200, but snake only. Anyone else interested?
  7. 8 have joined, 5 have paid. More will join the closer we get. It's no big deal to get a refund from Leaguesafe too. I've done it many times. It just takes a couple days.
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