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  1. I wish I could keep all of them, but I can only keep one more rookie out of the ones I listed. Bichette is one and the other one I am struggling to make a decision on.
  2. H2H 8x8 12 team keeper league. Categories are BA, H, HR, RBI, SB, R, OBP, and SLG. I can keep 3 regular players and 2 rookies. Rookies are defined as having less than 400AB (either career or season). I need help picking one of the following: Rookies: Bichette (no brainer) AND????? Hayes (Pit) Mountcastle Torkelson Pache Bohm Carlson My 3 regular keepers for reference are: Trout Betts Vlad
  3. I don’t own him in any league, but I like the kid a lot. I don’t agree with the way the Yankees are treating him. He deserves to play. Either for them or someone else. This guy was the centerpiece of the Andrew Miller deal for god’s sake...use him!
  4. Getting better the worse they play...
  5. I think what I find ridiculous is that he has absolutely NO pride. He has to know what the NYM brass, press, and fans probably think of him and he simply doesn’t care. Instead of having a, “I’ll show them all” attitude (like Acuna did by busting his a$$ and coming back), he’s content stealing money and dreaming about fast cars and golf.
  6. 14 Team Keeper (Keep any 3 after the season and 2 Rookies): I gave: Soto, Meadows, Kopech, Siemien I got: Lindor, Stripling, Bichette
  7. What is the real story on this guy? How many are "all in" on this guy? Is he just a streamer or a guy we can count on ROS?
  8. 30-70% chance of thunderstorms here near D.C. until 7pm tonight...right now it’s pretty blah here.
  9. 11-1 OAK!!! Everyone has counting stats, BUT the player I own...nice job, Siemien, you waste of roster space.
  10. Right...it’s gonna be close I think...370 or so AB...if my math is right, but I took mathematical modeling in college so what do I know lol
  11. If he’s moved off SS, Dilfo and Murphy won’t block him.
  12. 14 team keeper league. At the end of the season, I can keep 3 (Betts, Harper, Trout). I was offered Lindor for Soto. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but if Soto stays under 400AB for the season I can keep him under our “rookie rules”. Meaning he’s free and I can begin next year with all those guys on a 4OF roster (with 2 UTL spots). Based on this info, do I still do it?
  13. No way he'd get the call before Tucker...
  14. Yes...I would hold. We’re gonna find out if he has the ability to bounce back and dominate a lesser opponent...if not, easy drop.
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