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  1. SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDERSG, OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (right foot plantar fasciitis) will be re-evaluated in mid-April, according to Mark Daigneault. Fingers crossed that SGA will be able to return soon after his re-evaluation, but the team isn't yet sure how much time he'll miss. Theo Maledon will benefit most statistically with him sidelined. When healthy, Poku and Ty Jerome will also see more opportunities. SOURCE: Joe Mussatto on Twitter Mar 31, 2021, 6:23 PM ET Does anyone think
  2. As a Drummond owner, this is a scenario I did not anticipate. Sure, he was a high risk to be traded and perhaps land in a less fantasy-friendly situation. So, I was prepared to get him at a draft-day discount and perhaps deal with lower production following a trade. Him getting sat down completely for some undetermined amount of time while they search out a trade, did not cross my mind. However, this seems like a trend with Andre, Blake, Lamarcus, etc. now experiencing this. This feels like a new level of draft day risk that needs to be factored in with veterans in a contract year who ar
  3. With Boston, the challenge is that Drummond does not fit into their trade exception, so they would need to send a sizable salary back or find a third team to facilitate. For Chicago, Otto Porter Jr is an expiring contract that would work, so if the Bulls are serious about it, they can make it happen. It may depend on their commitment (or lack therefor) to Carter, Jr.
  4. Back to Out, they must have read your response.
  5. ESPN changed Drummond from out to DTD. Do they know something we don’t?
  6. So Drummond owners, what options is everyone considering given a deal doesn't seem imminent. if the worst case scenario occurs and he is not dealt prior to the deadline and then is subject to a buyout, we are looking at 15-20 games missed. Presumably most teams with a bench do not have someone to slot in who approaches Drummond's categorical strengths. So is anyone trying to deal at a discount for another owner who wants to assume the risk? Are head to head leagues considering cutting? There is no optimal solution here other than him to get traded ASAP.
  7. Currently rostering Durant, SGA, Wood, Drummond, OG. PJ Washington, Nurkic and have cut Bryant and Levert.
  8. While it is early, Wiggins' home/road splits are interesting. Shooting 47.5% and blocking 2.1 shots at home while shooting 41.1% and blocking one 1 shot per game on the road.
  9. So the biggest variable will be how they stagger their minutes but my concern level remains modest assuming Durant will have lots of time on the floor with only one of the other two.
  10. This season, Levert somehow has had a higher usage rate (30.2) than Harden (27.9). Of course Brooklyn staggered those Levert minutes and who knows how the rotation will play out if and when Kyrie returns, but bottom-line, I would expect Durant's production to stay (mostly) the same.
  11. In addition to moving the FG% into the low 40s, he also needs to steal the ball some. Running a point guard out there who is at .3 in steals is very limiting in the category.
  12. Any concerns that Boucher might get the Philly treatment from Nurse against Boston's bizarre Thompson/Theis 4/5 combo?
  13. You can do so, through the ESPN app. Go to the standings page and click on any team and then click on "team info". and you will see their games pace.
  14. How do you determine what is a plus matchup is for him? Given the Adams/Zion front court, I would not have guessed he would have been productive against New Orleans. Having said that, Siakum is in foul trouble, so perhaps its just random.
  15. Some productive first half minutes at the four tonight (14 minutes overall) for 13 points. Getting consistent minutes at the 4 (and 5) could be the key to his value.
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