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  1. Yep, calf injuries can be tricky. They can lead to over injuries (like an Achilles issue) if you don’t take care of them. Better to rest him and let him recover than to try to rush him back.
  2. His ankle was still “warm” and it hadn’t locked up yet.
  3. It would have a short term effect on the game and its popularity for sure. The game will get the cold shoulder from a lot of fans for a few years. But most will come back. If you love the game, you always come back. Side note like other have briefly touched on, baseball has to figure out a way to draw in more new fans. It seems like they’re way behind to basketball and football. Where I’m from, it seems like a lot of kids start playing sports with baseball then move on to football, basketball, and even soccer now. It just doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of popularity compared to other sports
  4. I imagine Red Sox fans who are also Celtic fans probably aren’t too happy about this. It would be like Larry Bird owning part of the Dodgers. Sure, it’s not like he’s gonna call the shots when it comes to the roster and he probably won’t even be there much at all, but still. Just a little weird considering all the trauma he’s caused Boston over the years in basketball. Still a smart business decision by him. He will definitely be a billionaire like Mike.
  5. He looks somewhat washed. Like others have said, he doesn’t have the same burst. Doesn’t have the same hunger to be great IMO either. The line isn’t close to what it was a few years ago when he was running through the league. Getting Dak back helps but now Pollard will eat into his touches because we all found out that he’s pretty good. I’ll say they start out 70/30 Zeke to Pollard to start the year but if Zeke still isn’t looking that great, Pollard eats more and more into his touches until it’s a 50/50 timeshare. If Zeke looks really bad maybe Pollard even takes his job. It hurts me to say t
  6. I like the talent but owning him last year was a major headache. He started slow, started getting going, then got hurt. I’m going off memory, but at first it looked like he’d miss a month, then there was no timetable for a return, and he never ended up going back. We’ll see what Cincy does in the draft for their line. I highly, highly doubt it happens but if Sewell fell to them at 5, oh boy, that would be great for them. Having a healthy Burrow will help Mixon. Talent is there, his QB will be back, and he might get some line help. If he can stay healthy he should be really good but I’m not goi
  7. Shhhh, you can’t say that. AD sucks!!!!! Trade him now!
  8. If you can, of course. He’s Anthony Davis, he’ll figure it out. Pounce on worried owners if you can. Too many are panicking over something that’s not really that big of a deal.
  9. All mental for AD right now. Was pretty good from the line but his outside shot is inconsistent right now. Still seems like he’s somewhat disinterested out there. He might just be going through the motions coming off a championship trying to figure out how much a Monday night game agains the Cavs in January means.
  10. I get what you’re trying to stay but Westbrook isn’t a shooter. Plain and simple. He’s absolutely deadly going to the rim. Anything else is a win for the defense guarding him. But enough with him.
  11. Yeah but none of those guys you listed are actual “real” shooters. None of them have a shooting stroke, a real shot. AD has a perimeter shot, a great perimeter shot actually, he’s a shooter. It’s all mental for him at the line right now and while you’re right, he could finish the year with a low % for him, I’d bet he raises it quite a bit by season’s end.
  12. His shot was falling last night. He got involved very early and was mostly around the rim. I can’t explain his FT% being down, that’s all mental for him right now. But a few weeks ago everyone was worried about the stocks and those are back. Now everyone’s worried about his %s. Just like the stocks, they will come back. This Lakers team is very, very good, they have a lot of weapons, and AD/Bron don’t have to do all the heavy lifting like last year. I think that sort of takes AD out of rhythm and then once the Lakers go up 20 (a lot of their wins have been blowouts), there’s no reason for him
  13. We tried telling them earlier 🤷🏽‍♂️ They just never listen. Same old story every year. But I sure love panic owners in my leagues!
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