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  1. I like Noah Fant to take a step up in 2021.
  2. At least he didn't crap the bed, he did as well as Kyle Murray, he probably didn't win your game but he didn't lose it either. I can see Murray like numbers but I think Murray was hurt the last few games and I see him and Hurts both going the way as RGIII, there's some big guys chasing them and they are going to get caught once in a while. I hope Im wrong.
  3. I picked up Hurts a couple of weeks ago before he started playing. I will have no sleepless nights this week starting him over Goff, Tua, and Tayson Hill. I also have Burrows on IR who was my starter till he got hurt in my 18 man roster keeper league. I've been looking for a QB all year, it looks like I've finally found one. Looks like he'll be one of my 6 keepers next year. The only reason I won this week is because Russell Wilson played as poorly as Goff.
  4. Is Gaskins of Miami worth a hold or is he just keeping a place warm for a FA next year?
  5. I've been sitting on him in 2 dynasty leagues for 2 years behind Kelce in both and I'll hold him for another year or 2, hopefully Gase will be gone by then. I feel he has real talent.
  6. What's Henry's value in a trade? I have him in one dynasty 16 player keeper league where I'm loaded with RB's (Henry, Kamara, Carson, Lindsey and Freeman) and can use a WR. In another DYNASTY 16 keeper league I have Kelce and Kittle and was thinking of offering Kelce for him as I need help in RB. I won the league with Freeman and Lindsey some way.
  7. Bryce Love Guice can't stay healthy and he's had a year to recover
  8. Once again I fall for the new bright shiny object. Left Lindsey on my bench (19 points) for Boone (4 points). I sat there and watched Devante Adams catch pass after pass. But I still won. Did I learn anything? Probably not. I'll fall for another sucker play next year.
  9. Amari Cooper, weekly a top 10 pick in most predictions, weekly useless, both in fantasy and in real football.
  10. I guess I'm going to sit Lindsey for him. Hope it works.
  11. A couple of guys I picked up late in the season or in the playoffs off the WW were Nick Foles, Justin Jackson SD RB and Robert Foster, WR Buffalo. Foles will probably be a starter somewhere, Foster could be nice bench depth, I believe Buffalo's offense will be better next year. Jackson probably won't make my off season cut, we keep 16.
  12. Lord help me but I picked up Washington's D and am starting them over KC in my championship game.
  13. If your league is a dynasty league then yes, waivers should be open to all since they are trying to upgrade their team for next year. If it's a redraft league then waivers should be closed to any team that's eliminated. If they are still playing in the "toilet type bowl"" then the league should make a rule as to whether they are able to make waiver claims. Many "Loser" brackets have rewards for winning them so they should be able to make claims.
  14. If Jimmy was there at 2.1 would you draft him? I would. I think his future is bright, especially in Dynasty with Shanahan's offense. I don't trust Winston and if Mahones does well you've got some good trade fodder to get better. I'd do the trade.
  15. I play in several Dynasty leagues where we keep 16 players each year. Cuts aren't made till just before the draft. Now is the time to start dropping bench "depth" like JJ Nelson or LaFell and pick up young players you think might be valuable next year. Who are you looking at? So far I picked up Mike Davis and Trent Taylor.
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