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  1. Bingo. If it's Jameis under center, Thomas will feast.
  2. Wentz would be an ideal fit... however Philly may not trade him to a division rival. Assuming Dak Prescott stays in Dallas, the rest of the list isn't that interesting... HOWEVER Rivers, Fitzpatrick, Trubisky and Dalton would all be upgrades over the status quo QB situation in Washington. Trubisky would probably be the best fit, after Wentz. McLaurin and Gibson's fantasy value will soar with even a decent QB at the helm there.
  3. I was 100% right! See 5 posts above this one. Tannehill couldn't throw the ball at all in the 2nd half. And in the post 7 posts above this one, I predicted Corey Davis' horrible night.
  4. The game is tomorrow, FYI. It's saying 1-3 inches during the afternoon, then 0.3" per hour during the game itself (night game)... Which I'll grant you isn't "Snow Bowl" territory, but we will see snow on the field. Curious to see how Lambeau's underground plumbing/heated field keeps the playing surface during the game. I think Rodgers will operate normally under these conditions, but Tannehill is a bit of a question mark...
  5. I'm going Jacobs-Fournette-Pollard. Pollard being the riskiest if Zeke plays fully. If we know Zeke is playing (fully), then I would shift to Dobbins. Dobbins is in case you need a high floor play... but I don't see him getting a high ceiling, given the competition for carries with Edwards and Lamar Jackson.
  6. Getting increasingly concerned about the weather forecast in Green Bay. High snowfall could restrict the passing game and move things to the ground. Doesn't look like the snow is going to dump on them, but it will be bitterly cold and there will be snow on the field. The weather probably doesn't change the decision-making calculus for Davante Adams or AJ Brown... but for someone like Corey Davis, then maybe.
  7. 1/2 point PPR: Need UPSIDE as I'm in the Championship game. Choose ONE. WHIR 100% Fournette: Going up against weak Detroit D; should get 60+% snap counts Jeff Wilson Jr: Tougher matchup with AZ, but solid red zone back and consistent TD scoring Melvin Gordon: Been averaging nice yards/rush in last month... seems like he's hitting his stride now. Chargers run D isn't bad. Revenge game against former team (holdout) have an impact?
  8. I'm sitting on the same decision here -- leaning Hurts, but have realistic expectations for him -- i.e. 20-25 points... Herbert's scoring was boosted last week by a TD right before halftime and then the last minute rushing TD... without those two plays, Herbert would have been cut by many due to a couple of back-to-back ugly weeks prior. For me Hurts' running gives you a very safe floor that Herbert doesn't offer. Hurts has a slightly better matchup as well. So Hurts for me.
  9. Yeah, without Pollard in the lineup, I'd go with Jacobs, Dobbins, Fournette. Wilson may have negative game script against Arizona and I think TB has more to play for this week.
  10. I'm facing similar choices... since it's playing for the championship, I'd look for ceiling... My 3: Jacobs: Volume will be there, albeit effectiveness is very much in question against a top run-D with Miami Pollard: Only if Zeke sits obviously; if not, then remove Pollard Dobbins It's a tough call because I think Fournette and Wilson are viable... I don't think Wilson will get the volume... and Fournette needs very positive game script and goal-line opportunities to do anything. Without that, his floor is LOW.
  11. Agree that Bell has lost a step, but then again, he might fall into the end zone a couple of times. DPI in the end zone is best case scenario for Bell's goal line plunges.
  12. The most likely scenario is that the high profile starters play the lion's share of the game, but depart in the late third or fourth quarter. Reid will want to keep his guys sharp.
  13. Sony Michel without a doubt. Far better chance of a TD than Landry... and will likely get volume.
  14. I'm going Gallman here. Wilson gets the goal line looks in Dallas... and Mostert is likely to be benched in a blowout situation (either direction) due to his injury. So RB committee concerns with SF. Gallman has had a flukey last two weeks with limited goal line touches - the opposite of the month prior. He looks great and his line is opening holes.
  15. Akers and J Robinson - without a doubt. Hilton may torch Houston, but he may also end up with 4 for 40 yards. In order: Akers J Robinson
  16. Thielen would be my pick but Higgins is a close 2nd.
  17. MJJ, Higgins and Ebron -- judging by your rationale, this is where you are leaning too... but if Stafford is out, then I'd pivot to Pittman. Higgins and Ebron are easy choices for me based on your options.
  18. I'd go with Amari Cooper and the Browns DST. Godwin has been hit or miss and TDs just aren't there. Cooper gives you good upside and an OK floor. Browns have a nice pass rush - I always lean towards the superior front 4 when choosing defenses. Atlanta has a responsible QB with Ryan and some skill at WR... also they've been playing better under the new coach.
  19. Tough call but I'd roll with Kmet - Cook will be completely TD dependent... full point PPR pushes me towards the higher target volume with Kmet. Should be better game script for Kmet as well.
  20. I'd go with Jeff Wilson Jr. Solid case for him getting significant goal line work today... and possibly heavier volume with Mostert playing with a high ankle sprain. I would NOT start James Conner. He's playing through injury and the Steelers o-line is really struggling right now. Can't run the ball and play calling is basically ignoring the run game. Conner could turn in a complete dud.
  21. I have to go with Gage... Antonio Brown is just too risky at this stage. Too many mouths to feed in Tampa and Brady hasn't been elite.
  22. I'm sour on Lockett - he's had a really bad 2 months... fallen out of favor with Russell Wilson? I like Gallman or Higgins - I think Gallman has the safest floor. Higgins has been getting the targets from Mayfield recently... but if Gallman re-establishes goal-line back duties (last couple of weeks have been flukes with poorly timed rest), then he's got the highest potential ceiling. I'd say 55%/45% Gallman over Higgins. Mostert's injury spooks me and Edwards is TD-dependent and unpredictable.
  23. Kupp and Amari Cooper. Tre'quan may get a TD, but won't get volume. At least volume is guaranteed with Kupp and Amari, and TDs are also possible.
  24. 1/2 point PPR: I had flat performances from Davante Adams and Mike Davis... need some upside to win this week. Pick ONE: JK Dobbins: Committee approach and unpredictability scare me... talent + team is good though... positive game script likely Wayne Gallman: Has been electric, but worried about game script... however Baltimore's running game flat out torched Cleveland's D last week... Leonard Fournette: Lowest floor, hard to trust... BUT may finally have the backfield largely to himself w/o RoJo Jeff Wilson Jr: Best goal line opportunities... but Mostert is back
  25. Despite the possible snap count, I'd go Keenan Allen based on your other options. Word of the snap count may just be Adam Shefter trying to save face after erroneously reporting earlier that Allen was out. Maybe he plays the whole game. But even on a snap count, you'd have to think he's in there in red zone situations.
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