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  1. Not sure I want to dump anybody for a guy who might not stay in the rotation. What do you all think?
  2. He’s got 80 pitches through 6. That’s ace like efficiency
  3. That was a pop up . Like Don said, the wind is crazy here in Chicago. But that one by Arenado was no cheapie
  4. Please pull Carrasco out of the game. He’s worse than useless right now. Just cost me the week
  5. The ump in the Brewers Cubs game must have money on the Brewers. The strike zone is atrocious.
  6. Chris Sale is 3-2on every fn hitter. All season long. Can't put hitters away tonight.
  7. That at bat by Acuna was miserable. Go down on 3 pitches with a runner on 3rd 1 out. Come on man...
  8. Seems like Correa strikes out in his first AB every single game.
  9. True, if Gausman would have given up 6+ I would have fallen on a pair of scissors. Really no reason to live if you get a bad start in fantasy baseball. I wonder if my insurance policy would pay out? seems like a valid reason...death by Gausman
  10. Rays have to replace Colome. This guy has nothing.
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