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  1. Not impossible but considering they gave up a decent amount of draft capital I would be surprised. I think they throw Darnold out there and see what happens.
  2. Definitely possible. There’s really no reason for them to tip their hand.
  3. No way to know that. If story is true and SF is in love with him it only takes one other team to feel that way and make a move up
  4. Well obviously Carolina thinks he can be salvaged. Don’t love the move but don’t think it’s crazy. He is only 23.
  5. I’m a bit skeptical of Darnold but counter argument is Qbs in the draft are a crapshoot and now they’ll be able to draft Pitts potentially or another top player
  6. Well for Denver’s sake hope they can set their ambitions a bit higher
  7. At some point I think we need to accept Bridgewater for what he is - a high quality backup QB
  8. He was hurt a bit at the end of 2019 which was I was in on him going into 2020. But for me it’s the old saying ‘fool me once, can’t get fooled again.’
  9. Yeah I dunno after two years I think it’s more than a fluke. Also he went off a few games at beginning of year when Russ was ‘cooking’ and can’t assume that’s gonna happen again. I couldn’t even start him at end of the year. That isn’t a wr 1/2. Maybe there’s a chance something changes this year but it’s hard to bet too heavily on that.
  10. Why do you think things will be different than they were the last two years? Is it based on regression to mean type thinking or something else? I couldn't start him at the end of last year because the production just wasn't there.
  11. Funny thing is 2019 was the exact same thing. I've had him both years and he's cost me down the stretch both times. Maybe there's a chance the new OC changes that but I'm not betting on it. If he falls to me at the right price I wouldn't avoid him but not going out of my way to get him on teams any longer.
  12. Seems like you’re making assumptions about ‘most people’ and you’ve labeled yourself smartest person in the room.
  13. Sounds pretty believable... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/03/29/first-hand-story-of-deshaun-watson-inappropriate-behavior-not-in-lawsuit
  14. Unless he’s cleared no team is going to go near him. At least this offseason.
  15. As it stands now a Watson trade seems highly unlikely.
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