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  1. 12 Paid Teams - $1,200 Winner Take All First Prize right, prize will increase with more entries. Only 8 Spots Available NFL PLAYOFFS - KING of the HILL Played on FantasyPostseason.com - Entry Fees paid through LeagueSafe https://leaguesafe.com/join/3959399 8 of 20 spots available, 1 Team per manager $100.00 Entry per team. Starts January 9th with the first weekend of the NFL Playoffs. Entries can be entered up until the last game of Saturday 1/9 as long as spots are available. Winner take all $2,000
  2. 157 of 200 entries so far https://bit.ly/NFLPostseasonFantasyShowdownII
  3. 113 of 200 Spots filled - https://bit.ly/NFLPostseasonFantasyShowdownII
  4. 6 of 20 spots filled - 100% Payout will run regardless of whether we reach 20 Teams, Number of Teams X $100 entry for first prize. ex- 6 Teams $600 First Prize,
  5. 85 Teams so far - On track to fill all 200 spots this year.
  6. $100 Entry Through LeagueSafe- 20 Spots - $2,000 First Prize if all spots are filled. 100% Payout - If we do not reach 20 Teams Prize will be total collected. Played on FantasyPostseason.com Salary Cap DFS Style Format - Set your lineup weekly -Top Score After Super Bowl Wins Full Details - https://bit.ly/NFL-Playoffs-King-of-the-HILL
  7. Sorry I accidentally copied the link from last years league. Here is the right links - https://leaguesafe.com/join/3957847 https://www.fantasypostseason.com/league/view_league_settings/72460 Full Details - https://bit.ly/NFLPostseasonFantasyShowdownII
  8. NFL Postseason Pool played on FantasyPostSeason.com. 200 Spots available, $10.00 per entry, enter up to 5 Teams. Top Ten Spots Payout. Starts January 9th Rules and Settings - https://fantasypostseason.com/league/view_league_settings/68936 $10.00 per entry, enter up to 5 Teams Top Ten Spots Payout. If all 200 entries are filled the payout will be – (1st-$800) (2nd-$300) (3rd-$175) (4th-$150) (5th-$125) (6th-$110) (7th-$100) (8th-$90) (9th-$80) (10th-$70) 100% Payout, If we do not get 200 entries the prize money will be adjusted for the number of entries.
  9. If season Is stopped prematurely, prize pool will be divided between all teams that are still alive.
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