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  1. Fixed... today I hope? Season starts tomorrow? Did they get the memo?
  2. Thanks Big Bat Theory for the response. I understand the FAAB/dollars aspect of it. I'm still not completely sure on the timing aspect of it. But you highlighted the below, which, if I'm interpreting this correctly, means they would be moving default to a "Daily-Today" since waivers will be continuous: You didn't quote the rest of it where the answer is: In a significant change for public and pro leagues, continuous waivers with FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) will now be used to claim players instead of Free Agents. You will make claims to add players for the next day same as ever. However, claims are resolved by price paid and ties are broken by waiver priority.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Hmm, Yahoo default was always "daily-tomorrow". I wonder if since they are moving to continuous if that will change? That was not specified in the "What's New". If it's still Daily-Tomorrow that is going to require making moves basically 3 days ahead.
  4. Not yet, but they will later on, they generally start appearing a few weeks after Yahoo opens. This is what is in the "what's new" section, so, this will be the default setting for all Yahoo Pro leagues is how I'm reading that.
  5. In a significant change for public and pro leagues, continuous waivers with FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) will now be used to claim players instead of Free Agents. I'm going to need help understanding this as I make roster changes on the reg in yahoo pro leagues. My main question revolves around WHEN to make a claim. Last year, if i wanted say Robinson Cano for a Thursday game, I would go in on Wednesday afternoon and pick Cano up as a FA and he would show up on my roster for Thursday. If a player was on waivers and I was able to claim him on the morning of Thursday, he wouldn't be on my roster until Friday. Now, with continuous waivers, Cano will always be on waivers. In the same scenario, if I wanted to pick him up for a Thursday game, do I put in a claim for him on Wednesday? Or is it Tuesday? If waivers are run Thursday morning, won't that mean the roster change won't take place until Friday? Or is continuous waivers different in that aspect? Basically, in my example above, is it A: Put claim on Cano on Tuesday, Waivers run Wednesday morning, Rosters adjusted for Thursday games or B: Claim Cano on a Wednesday, Waivers run Thursday for Thursday games.
  6. in a standard redraft i'm still taking Ryu, Reyes, and Hampson over Paddack right now.
  7. Honestly with a 8 keeper league, you risk not getting him to the other team that is drafting new. I would take him with your first pick and not regret it. You will still then draft 5 from the list you provided before the rest of the teams join in.
  8. Interesting just for reference purposes. I have him (so far) in 5 redraft Roto leagues for Yahoo's Pro leagues. Rd 7, Pick 3 Rd 8, Pick 3 Rd 8, Pick 10 Rd 8, Pick 12 Rd 10, Pick 2 - I'm going to assume this one was earlier in March as he has steadily been moving up pre-ranks. As of today he's 101.
  9. Are we dismissing that the next save opp may go to Clippard? I feel like it will just be him again, no matter how bad he's been.
  10. Schebler is essentially Hamilton with a reversal in SB for HR. Schebler has 75 R/RBI, 23 HR/SB and .257. Hamilton has 69 R/RBI 35 HR/SB and .242. I'm not sure how much different they really are - just the KIND of stats they provide. And you can easily find many other Scheblers on the wire that provide that kind of power than finding other Hamilton's with that kind of speed. Discussing the dropping of Hamilton for Schebler is for BC. But I'll add this. Currently there are 14 players with 20+ HR and there are 4 players with 20+ SB.
  11. It's pretty clear your hate of Billy is astronomical, but realistically speaking, owners of Billy expected this and most likely planned/drafted/rostered accordingly. To consider Billy a bust and unownable/unrosterable is just wrong. On Yahoo's standard 5x5 roto player rater he WAS pre-ranked 77th and is currently ranked 129th, including his recent slump the last few weeks his owners are currently suffering through. This is what, a 4 to 5 round difference in draft day price? For the guy leading the league in SBs? Which is the entire reason why we drafted him in the first place? **Fact Check** I guess he isn't leading anymore after Trea's 4 SB day yesterday, but remember the premium price that was paid to acquire Trea this year. First round in most leagues. Early 2nd if he fell. There are far more players pre-ranked HIGHER than Billy that is offering far less production. Machado. Miguel. Odor. Polanco. Schwarber. He also has remained healthy, unlike others drafted way before him. Donaldson. Braun. Pollock. Yoenis. Beltre. And I'll also throw Marte's name in here as well. Billy is pretty much doing what his owners expected.
  12. To start the season, Raisel Iglesias, David Phelps, Joe Kelly, Mike Montgomery and Juan Nicascio are all expected to start in the pen with SP eligibility. But I'm sure more will show up as the season progresses.
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