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  1. Seems like I see this man do more and more Vince Carter type stuff every time I look.
  2. Wish I could tell you man, lol. Just caught highlights of his last two games. Was interesting that Zeller is coming off the bench, though Biz was out (it says DNP coaches decision, but swear I read someone saying he was "out" implying injury, not sure). No way McDaniels looks like he should be a center to me, seems like he has ideal size at the 4. But Charlotte seems to like this multi faceted and skilled wing/big man archetype (McDaniels, Bridges, Washington) so I think they can interchange these guys and have positional flexibility. Whatever position they list him at he seems to
  3. Watched highlights and think this dude has a bright future, and present given the circumstances. High motor, great court IQ and quickly finds open guys, very good shooter, is active around the basket, it just feels like the team chemistry with him is immediately apparent. Really wish I just dumped my healthy IR player and made the brother for brother swap when I had the chance. It would've just been cool to see in the transaction log Add J. McDaniels Drop J. McDaniels. Strongly passes the eye test for me.
  4. Would've had to make two drops to pick him up, and I'm kind of thinking it would've been worth it at this point (one being his brother). At the same time it was against a G-League team and a squad of entirely backups in the next game. Will be interesting to see how he holds up against real NBA teams, but I have a feeling he's going to be better than his brother, for the rest of this season anyway.
  5. Just seeing how engaged he looks is so rewarding after feeling like I was stuck "holding the bag" all season refusing to give up on the early round investment. Not expecting much rebounding wise with his lack of athleticism, particularly at this age, but the efficiency, threes, and BLOCKS are money to me. He does a great job helping on driving players coming around screens and staying vertical, and I think the blocks can hold. He honestly also looks like a perfect cog in the system offensively too with his quick ability to find open guys from the post, so could be decent assists some ni
  6. Really did NOT want to drop him over that poor stretch and sad I did for what was a rental with Poole. This guy is just an overall beast when he is on his game. Gives you a little bit of everything and needs some respect put on him.
  7. Glad he looks to still retain value for now with Beasley hurt. Hopefully if/when DLo takes his starting spot he still gets decent minutes, but it's good to see him closing games alongside DLo.
  8. Was considering offering him for Mitchell or Booker as they've been trending up and LaVine has been trending down but still shows that high overall rank. Kind of wishing I took my shot before the deadline.
  9. Got an IL spot? You pretty much a lock to make playoffs (two more weeks in regular fantasy season for us) and can live with him not making IL eligiblity until Friday? That's my situation and I'm holding to see how things shake out with Ball back. Might regret it but passed on picking up Flynn thinking more long term here. He was playing too well for me to drop for a flavor of the week play, even with the expected dropoff with Ball back.
  10. Sadly you could be right, lol. Hope not obviously.
  11. Blurb says he got his fourth foul to start the second half, sits, comes back in early fourth quarter, immediately picks up his fifth foul, sits again, but closes the game out late. Hoping these foul trouble games are just an aberration and he can get back to showing us what he's capable of.
  12. Sheesh, maybe last game really did wake him up. Much better, even if he ends up with this 3rd quarter line as the final. And he's HITTING FREE THROWS!
  13. I mean you make some valid points here. I still feel like he has the upside, but also feel like it really just might be too early to realize the fruits of it based on the returns so far. We're two weeks from fantasy playoffs in my league, so we're not exactly early in the season where we have time for him to figure things out. People are giving valid reasons for why he's a burden to their team, I don't see how it is overreacting at this point. Dropping him for a Flynn stream for a week might be overreacting, I don't understand how stating your concerns on a discussion forum is. Also f
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