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  1. Rough start but a very unlucky 1st inning. Robles dug one in the dirt that snuck through. Turner crushed a 2 run homer. Soto was 2-2 and Fried got squeezed on a would be K....which led to a walk. Zimmerman blooped a single. Another blooped double. All in all 4 er and 30+ pitches to get out of it but Turners ball was the only one smashed. Hopefully he can settle down and find his stuff.
  2. CBS Sports Question (start limit per week) Anybody know if there is a way to limit the number of starts in a week for a h2h points league. We switched from weekly to daily moves but want to put a cap on starts per week. After that cap hits then 0 points would be awarded to any starts for the remainder of the week.
  3. Surprised there is no recent talk regarding Bauer. In years past I have been targeting him as a 3rd to 4th tier SP with upside. In 2019 he disappointed but 2020 he was elite. Problem is his price is now up there in tier 1/2 with the elites. His 2020 short season stats are likely unsustainable but if he can hold onto most of those stats then he is worth the high price. Wondering were the rotoworld community stands on Bauer this year?
  4. Stashed him for $1 in a keep 8 auction league. Had a nice carry last week in limited action. Would love to see a handful of touches if Williams sits. I'm thinking Jones walks and Dillon makes sense as the lead back next year. In any keeper league I would be stashing this guy if your transactions are still open. He has been mostly forgotten and might be sitting on WWs.
  5. Dillon for me....A.Jones and J.Williams are both free Agents. In the event both of those guys leave Dillons value skyrockets.
  6. Yup...I have him on my bench this week but if I can win it's the perfect set up for next week as the Pack play on Sunday night football...if I'm down big I will roll him out to go with Arod.
  7. S.Marion was def fun to own back in the day. Also cant forget 2016 Russ averaged 31, 11, & 10 throughout the season.
  8. Anything to see here...Brees back, M.Thomas out and should need plenty of points vs KC
  9. Shanahan said Mostert is good to go this week. As someone who owns him and Wilson I was hoping the opposite would be the case
  10. Per Matt Maioco..."Shanahan said Kittle will NOT play this week"
  11. Unfortunately, Arods elite play and bid for an MVP have come at the expense of A.Jones.
  12. Every time Jrob breaks a long run or a TD over 15 yards I have to pause and wait for a flag. And every time there is one. If my memory serves me right he has had 4 TD's of 15+ yards called back by unneeded holds and illegal formations. Also had a 30 yard reception and a 50 yard run called back earlier in the year. Great season but could have been special if it weren't for the all the negated points. He definitely passes the eye test tough.
  13. Anybody Rolling this guy out for the playoffs? He's been solid all year but has a tough playoff schedule (Den, GB, Wash)
  14. Does Big Mike even practice on Wednesday's? I thought it was a step forward that he even put in a limited practice today. All jokes aside, it's worth monitoring but unless he ends up missing tomorrow and Friday I would think he will be fine.
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