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  1. ESPN only projecting Jet for 10 pts this week? What up with that?? And in PPR? Hell, he will have 10 receptions alone.
  2. I have talked to the commish about it. He said this is the way we've always done it, if you want to change it bring it up for a vote. Problem is we never meet anymore to vote.
  3. It was. The league started in 93 or 94, which is some of the nostalgia of being in the league, but damn, there has to be some controls in place.
  4. I have been in this league for 15 years or so, but for the last several years the league's internal controls have become non-existent. First, we used to meet every week to turn in our waiver wire picks. They were done in front of everyone present for the whole week. Since then we began meeting less every year, until currently, we very rarely meet in person, and waiver selections are now texted to the commissioner or his assistant. You have until Thursday at noon, and if you forget, or dont get a guy you were counting on you are just out of luck. It appears the commish and his assistant always
  5. If the Bears go 0 for whatever, would the Bears consider firing him during the season?
  6. If Sunday was any indication, then Brown isn't dependent on Gurley going down to be a productive fantasy RB.
  7. Oh BTW Mine is .........18 rushes 123 Yds 8 Cathces for 50 Yds and 2 TDs
  8. Montgomery Stat Line Time for Tonight ..........What'ca Got?
  9. Research time is over. You drafted him for a reason. Play him or Trade him.
  10. He's listed #1 on the Depth chart here............ https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/depth-charts
  11. Traded Kelce for Conner + T. Boyd. It hurt, but I needed the help at Rb and WR.
  12. I had two picks to go into the 12th round when Michaels announced that. I took Ajai with my 12th round pick. That late it can't hurrt much if not true.
  13. Yes, I heard that and drafted him immediately afterwards in the 12th round.
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