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  1. Nope nope nope! High YPC, MGIII won't be back until week 10ish and Ekeler isn't known for his durability. Easy hold for me!
  2. You just posted the split of three very mediocre RBs in the past three years and ran with it as "proof" how Pederson uses RBs in his system. Not to mention that you like to ignore the fact what Pederson does in his system when he has a competent RB. I have no irons in this Eagles RB fire but you are in full troll mode vs people not directly agreeing with your post. Grow up.
  3. Been grabbing Chubb in the early 2nd at the 1-2 turn my last two drafts. He's getting hyped up to the 1st round a lot but I don't think I'll take him over the current 1st rounders (10 team). People can say Hunt won't be a factor this season but it is still some risk you have to consider while drafting your top picks.
  4. Was able to grab Chubb in the 2nd round (2.2) as 9th pick in a 10 team league. Pretty happy with that result!
  5. The question is above. 12 team standard. Who to put in the flex. Kenny Stills at Patriots Cooper Kupp vs Saints Leave your topic! Ill help you out.
  6. Agree with the post above. You cant justify benching any of the other guys over Perine yet.
  7. Check out the status of Smith. If he plays this shouldnt even be a question.
  8. I'd take the best player in this deal which is Ertz. If you can manage the loss of Allen I would be looking to trade away your depth for upgrades with the playoffs coming up.
  9. He didn't practice this week? Or is it showing wrong info for me?
  10. As much as I hate the Watson injury, this playoff schedule is absolutely insane right now.
  11. Gotta play this guy due to byeweek hell and injuries. Hoping that Mariota suits up to take pressure off the run game. Can easily see the Titans call a ****ton of run plays to protect Mariota. 50/50 split please!
  12. Please be in my league. Please be in my league. Please be in my league.
  13. Didnt he suffer an similar injury last year (or maybe the year before?). His production plummeted. Not sure if I want to ride this rollercoaster again.
  14. Apart from Jordy en Cobb. What is the status on his O-line injuries?
  15. Parker would fill in for Bryant. I'll reply to your thread asap Thanks for the reply!
  16. Was offered the following trade in a 10 team standard league. Would appreciate your opinions! Give: Carr Matarvis Bryant Receive: Rodgers Tempted to take it because of the schedule Carr will face. Leave your links, WHIR!
  17. I'd personally wait for the clarification on the Cobb/Jordy injuries but A-rod might be a nice buy low. Especially if the tackles come back. Any ETA on that?
  18. Don't forget Landry drew by far the easiest corner between the two. It's not surprising he had that many targets out of the slot.
  19. Must start today in PRR and standard? Feels like a great matchup but BB will always surprise.
  20. Title says it all, been going back and forth. Cobb @ Falcons Crow @ Ravens White @ Saints WHIR
  21. Wow that's a lot. Not sure if I'm gonna blow that much based on a game.
  22. I've read some sources that they will try to push the hearing to january so Zeke can play the whole season. However, that wouldn't make sense for the Cowboys point of view right? It'll mean that they will lose Zeke in the NFL playoffs. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if they Cowboys push for a december hearing? If they do that they'll have a chance that Zeke will be available during the real playoffs (if they successfully appeal the 6 game suspension ofcourse). I have little to knowledge of the legal system so a little help will be cool. Just a pessimistic Zeke owner here
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