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  1. John brown is much more likely to score (as this is standard). I’m not sold in LS yet and diggs will face Ramsey. Who is the rams cb2?
  2. Oh, is Thomas playing again tonight? By the looks of his stat line, I would guess yes 😂
  3. Lololololol easiest fade all offseason. Y’all could’ve had CEH DH JJ MS and went with the least talented wr1 in years lol. As I posted in the wr rankings thread, DA > Thomas
  4. Lol so mostert, the former wr, can’t catch passes right? 2 down back? And will lose carries to coleman 😂
  5. JT owners bailed out with the Mack injury. Awful draft process, don’t draft rbs in the 3rd banking on an injury
  6. Any cardinals fans on this site wanna chime in on wtf happened last season? Hidden injury later disclosed as the ankle?
  7. Now? Probably no one. I did have a friend text me something along the lines of “****, didn’t realize I would have to play Taylor week 1” though. The “league winning upside” sounds great until week 5 happens and he’s still the 1 B to Mack. Owners will probably start to panic then
  8. Agreed. It’s like his promising rookie season never happened and frank gore is still there. Oh and he was second only to Kyle allen with 34 fumbles /sarcasm
  9. Agree with this, but want to note that Ridley is safer than the sophomores as hes now put together 2 solid seasons and more targets have opened up in ATL. Another way to list these guys would be by projected targets: 1. Terry 2. chark 3. ridley 4. AJ brown (high risk)
  10. Good early season trade target after he starts off slow.
  11. People talk about this offense like its the chiefs' , its crazy. Gotta get a piece of that illustrious Washington RBBC!
  12. cook has practiced all camp, no? Sure he wants a new contract, but he also wants to play. Same story as last year, just an injury concern. Might see even more targets with no diggs
  13. week one projections? 3 catches for 15 yards?
  14. oh no people are playing him week 1? hope he scores a td.
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