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  1. Will be my #1 cuff target next year with Mosthurt not able to make it 1 full game without injury. Not that Wilson has been great healthwise but when he is, it’s some cheap RB1 production.
  2. The Chark illegal formation penalty nullifying the James Robinson TD cost me the first round victory. Scored the second most of 8 playoff teams (don’t get me started) without the assistance of CMC or Golladay and with Mike Williams and his scoliosis in one of my flex spots.
  3. Unluckiest SOB when it comes to TDs and this one will likely cost me the week. Chark is on my DND list on principle alone (though it helps that he also has not been good this year).
  4. Anyone have some intel on the Mike Williams injury? Got a notification of a back injury.
  5. Yeah, I can’t imagine they want to just drop the running game and enter a shootout against KC with Tua at the helm. Even if they do fall behind early (which they will) they have stick with it, IMO. And I can’t imagine a score where they completely abandon the run and expose Tua every play. I guess the only scenario that could happen is if they bring in Fitz if the game gets really out of hand.
  6. I’ve got two flex spots and need to play 3 of Washington, Perriman, Hilton, Mike Williams, Lat Murray or Jeff Wilson. So maybe I wouldn’t trust him, but I’m obviously low on options to trust and he’s definitely in the starting mix.
  7. Just given TY’s talent level and history, I personally am giving him the benefit of the doubt that his struggles were more due to new QB (and the injury in there too) and thinking things may come together and am starting him in my second flex spot. But I don’t have great options to put in there either obviously and might just be talking myself into a bad decision.
  8. I take it you didn’t watch the game against the Vikings last week? (Not being snarky, just asking) 2 defensive TDs for the jags. The one TD glennon had was due to him missing his WR so bad that it was nearly out of reach of the defender (who was a good 3 yards away from the receiver), but just happens to stick out his left hand (even further away from intended target) and then the ball bounced into a different receiver’s hands. Pure luck. He was so far off on so many of his throws the rest of the game, it was ugly and no team trying to win would put glennon out there
  9. Small chance I make it past this weekend and definitely can’t start him (IMO) in this matchup + “limited role”, BUT I would feel much better about playing him next week if I make it through if he gets his feet wet a bit, shows some signs of life and makes it through without injury this weekend. It may be a week too late for many of us, but it’s still a positive.
  10. Tough for me because I’ve always been a big TY fan. On the one hand, one could argue he’s finally getting down chemistry with Rivers, and combined with his talent, the nice production should hopefully continue. On the other hand, it’s 2 outlier games.
  11. Whats the bad info as far as analysts? I am likely to play him after not playing him during his breakout weeks and the one constant of my 2020 season is chasing points and playing a guy too late. So maybe that will help with your analysis.
  12. Maybe “no mask”? Should send people running in terror.
  13. SF dst is listed as best against the TE. Is there any reason for optimism other than usage?
  14. Interesting because I was going to comment that it seems from his catches last week that he was good at finding a hole in the zone, but didn’t see anything as far as beating his man ona good route. I don’t know if that is the case or if that is what Indianapolis primarily plays, so maybe someone could confirm? Also would be good to know then if the bears play primarily zone or man. I think they mainly play man iirc.
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