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  1. Sewo Olonilua called up from the practice squad. Maybe Zeke is more than doubtful.
  2. Dobbins has a solid floor but like others have said unless he breaks one it is going to be really difficult to get a ceiling game. Lamar’s designed runs, goal line carries, and lack of passing to RB caps him.
  3. In dynasty we all should have cashed in last off season. Now it will be difficult to get a decent haul.
  4. Cook is a good replacement. My only options are Fant, Kmet, or Irv so I am holding out for more information.
  5. Going to he forced to start him now that Gesicki is out. He has to be due for a TD right?!
  6. If Dobbins could just get 3 catches for 25 yards every week to raise is floor but we know with Lamar it’s not going to happen.
  7. Agreed. The short passing game + bizarre playing calling inside the 10 has hurt all of the Chargers fantasy value.
  8. Very Steelers opening drive. A Drop Claypool reverse Near Pick 6 Punt
  9. It feels like ever since Ekeler has been back the short passing game is the main focus. The also keep running on 4th and Goal from the 8 yard line and turn the ball over on downs. They used to be much more aggressive.
  10. After Snell’s 3 carries from the one and a target last week; if Tomlin has him in again at the 1 we will all know he is a moron.
  11. How many reverse runs to Claypool on the 2 yard line this week?
  12. Hopefully if it gets to the 1 yard line none of us will have to see Snell come in.
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