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  1. Agreed, absolutely he'll regress and the lack of walks is a big worry, but it's good to see he's not just doing it at Coors or against righties.
  2. I know it's still early and dude is red-hot right now, but they are definitely not hiding him against lefties. Batted third and took Urias deep on the road last night. Wish he walked more (taken 1 BB so far this year...) but the power is real. Who needs walks when you can just smack dingers. At the very least he's been doing a good job of putting the "only start him at home vs R hand pitching" narrative to bed.
  3. Was disappointed to see him dropped down to 7th in the order last night with Tim Anderson returning, but he had a decent game. Walk rate is essentially unchanged from last year in the early going but K rate is down. Would be nice to see him back in the top half of the order but I'm not sure who you swap him with at the moment.
  4. So is the fact that we haven't heard anything about the MRI results a good thing? What are you even trying to determine with an MRI on a hamstring - the severity of the strain? I feel like if they had found a significant tear we'd have gotten a timeline (e.g. will be reevaluated in 6 weeks, etc.). Sounds like its more of a week to week thing. This is of course pure speculation on my part. Also, I take the injury "eye test" with a grain of salt. I've seen plenty of pro athletes react to injuries in the moment that turned out to be more minor than they appeared. Look at the Tatis injur
  5. Taking the plunge and picked him up to stream today. Pretty good matchup for him.
  6. Batting leadoff today vs left handed pitcher. He's basically started every game he's been available, even with Naquin hitting the cover off the ball.
  7. I still think he's a hold but won't be starting again for a while. His targets/touches have been pretty low value (short dumps near the LOS) and Minshew spreads it around a lot. It's too early to bail on a rookie with so much talent though (who didn't have a preseason no less).
  8. DJax is definitely worth a pickup. They have no other receivers.
  9. I'd go McKinnon. You need a TD for Wilson to pay off (granted there's a decent shot this week). Either are in play for a FLEX spot this week.
  10. No haha. I'm just saying I went out and got him, which is part of the reason I used my top waiver. It's kind of a weird format league with limited term keepers so I'm not sure it would really be a gauge of his value to say who I traded. I gave up a WR2, 2 RB2s and future assets. CMC is not eligible to be kept.
  11. I definitely agree with you on ROS Ekeler > Kelley. But my point about the volume is that JJ has literally never been involved as Kelley was in only his second pro game. Melvin Gordon holdout was last year so JJ played the first 3 games without him. His carry counts were 6, 7, 5. In the 2018 games he played while Gordon was hurt his carry counts were 7, 8, 7, and 16 (career high ran for 58 yards). Through 2 games Kelley has 6 more carries than JJ had the entire year last year (which again includes 3 games without Gordon). I guess my point is that Jackson might eat into Kelley's s
  12. I'm definitely more hyped about the touches than the numbers. Justin Jackson has had double digit carries once in his entire career. His career high in attempts is 16. This kid has now done it twice in his first two games in the league and surpassed JJ career high in carries by 7. Why wouldn't they keep running the ball? It almost got them a win against one of the best teams in the league. They have a rookie QB and clearly their best offensive pieces are RBs.
  13. Ingram, D-Jax, McKinnon, Shenault If I had McLaurin and/or Golladay for that slot I would play them haha I'm not that confident! Nah but I do like his role and matchup this week.
  14. Agreed. His offseason and how much praise he got + the confidence they have shown in making him the clear and only backup on gamedays gives me a little more comfort. I used my #1 claim on him (then traded for CMC).
  15. Rolling him out in my FLEX spot this week with confidence
  16. He's a decent spot start this week. Once Mostert and/or Coleman returns, I don't see him having much value. Would still rather have McKinnon this week and ROS for his pass catching and explosive play potential, but Wilson is probably the better TD bet this week and it wouldn't shock me to see him within +/- 2 touches of McKinnon.
  17. Hold for me as well but I could see him being very boom/bust this year.
  18. https://twitter.com/RobDemovsky/status/1308132699056599042 From LaFleur: "I know he wanted to go back in the game, I just told him, ‘Let's see how these next few series go and see if we need you,'"
  19. Watching the game, it seemed like he could've gone back in but the game was out of hand so they held him out. He was walking around on the sideline with his pads on. Didn't see him on the trainer's table or go back to the locker room at all. I'm not sure what play it happened on, but he absolutely dusted Okudah a few times on the balls he did catch. They just didn't really need him yesterday. Watch the reports but I'm cautiously optimistic he plays this week. If he's out, wouldn't expect it for long. Different injury then last year obviously, but that one when it happened he was ob
  20. You could say the exact same thing about Lewis and Gallman. As of right now Davis has less competition for touches.
  21. I think this is the fool's gold pickup of the week, even if he signs. Especially with so many other guys around the league going down. Let someone else in your league bid up based on the name. This team and backfield will be bad, Lewis is going to get the receiving work, and Gallman will be involved. I'd rather have Mike Davis, McKinnon, Henderson, Pittman, Lewis...
  22. He was barely touched. I think he got knocked down once. Did not get sacked. The O-line has looked good but not sure the Lions pass rush is anything to write home about. That said, they should be getting Billy Turner back soon. Next week vs NO will be a better test.
  23. Watch the highlight in my previous post. I'm sorry, Fournette cannot do that.
  24. Aaron Jones currently has the most targets of any RB in the league so far in 2020 with 14. He's tied for the league lead among all players in Red Zone targets with 6 (again that is just passing targets). Here he is skying up to win a jump ball against a corner yesterday: https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1307758374126321666?s=20 The Packers treat him as a WR and a RB. That's what makes him so valuable. His touches are money touches. He gets downfield and redzone targets, and redzone carries (he had more redzone carries than Henry and Dalvin Cook last season).
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