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  1. True, but that changed in the second half of the season where Dobbins scored 8 TDs in his last 8 games (including playoffs).
  2. 57.5 was big even for these two teams. Two weeks to prepare does wonders. 56 is interesting. I would probably still go under, but its razor thin. Something along the lines of 31-24. Just my early week opinion.
  3. Buffalo decides to kick the LaFleur instead of going for it. 😂
  4. Hopefully that call doesn't overshadow what I would say might be one of the dumbest decisions in playoff history.
  5. Terrible call. They haven't been calling that all game and NOW they decide to call it?
  6. Where the hell in their RB1 Jamal Williams?!? They have this soon to be free agent getting too much work.
  7. The last minute of half..... Bad clock management by GB leads to an INT. GB defender dropped an INT GB defender allows receiver over the top...TD. Absolutely TERRIBLE coaching and play by GB
  8. WTF happened with GB refusing to take a TO after they got that first down. That's odd. Ruined the entire drive.
  9. Geez....GB had TD's all over the place on those last three plays.
  10. LF with the BEST run of the year. EDIT: This is why I HATE listening to Buck and Aikman. The guy made like 4 different moves to get into the endzone and they make it seem like it was ordinary.
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