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  1. Cant wait to not draft him next year. Tired of seeing him come up lame, working out some ailment on the sideline, hoping for at least a TD, but usually getting 8 points. 2020s Jeremy Hill.
  2. Hah! Good point...$400 cool ones will definitely soften the blow if his team truly goes off.
  3. Man, you know you're gonna lose in the the semifinals when you go to set a DFS lineup and realize it basically mirrors your opponents squad. RIP 2020 season.
  4. Diggs, Beasley, and Davis all going...as predicted, Bills are lighting up the scoreboard but not a damn thing to show for it. This is the kind of **** that drives you bat **** and just probably wouldn't happen in 9 out 10 games but here we are...my opponents must be doing backflips right now.
  5. Twighlight zone of a game dude...you knew DEN was gonna get torched and no one will benefit now...what in the everliving f---.
  6. Got Davis, Diggs, and Beez across two leagues and this turd throws it to Knox
  7. Really, Mostert...what is it with this team? Just can't bring themselves to let one guy be featured for even a single game...injuries be damned.
  8. He was in my flex until Conner starting trending towards playing...still might go Davis but damn the timing sucks.
  9. Not starting Zeke in the fantasy semi finals..seems about right for 2020
  10. I don't see Brown making it in this week but who really knows right now. And the CBS guys were saying unfortunately, the Bills don't have to give any injury designations on Brown during the week bc he's coming off IR. For me its between him and Agholor and the clock is ticking...for what its worth, DEN is super thin at secondary right now and I think Buffalo will pounce.
  11. Wilson's Yahoo projections jumped up quite a bit....are they just guessing Mostert will be out like we are or do these platforms get first dibs at some inside info we don't have?
  12. I've teetered back and forth on Russ and Goff so much my head is spinning. What bodes well for them is I think they will both get plenty of possessions and shots at some points. It goes without saying vs the Jets....... but in terms of vs WFT...with or without Alex Smith (especially without), I think Seattle D keeps them in good field position and forces a lot of 3 and outs/TO's.
  13. Sad times when you cant even get fired up about a playoffs matchup with CIN....Dalvin Cook would be hard pressed to get RB1 numbers in this offense. Is there any chance at all he ends up somewhere besides PIT next year?
  14. Damn dude...yeah the Watson fumble hurt the most bc it wasn't even really him, just got charged to him.
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