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  1. He didn't look like a franchise QB.. as Burrow and Herbert did. Pulling him out of games, and being interested in Deshaun Watson doesn't bode well for Tua's outlook either. Being interested in Watson at all shows what the franchise thinks about him. These are the guys who see this guy get to work every day.
  2. The second part of that criteria is 'who did Herbert have around him?' Tua had 2 of the top 10 WR's in college football (one being the #1 in Jeudy), and an additional 2 that were top 25 (Devonta and Waddle). I don't think Oregon had one receiver ranked in the top 50. Bama is stacked on both sides of the ball from top to bottom. I'm most interested in someone being able to explain how Tua's lack of adversity is somehow going to help make him successful in the NFL, rather than hinder him
  3. Cal wasn't even a top 10 program that year. When I say big schools, i mean BIG schools. The powerhouse programs. Bama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, etc. Rodgers was throwing to a bunch of nobodies during his time at Cal (no one went pro), nor did any of their linemen. JJ Arrington was the one prize piece on that offense (lol). Rodgers still carried that team. Similarly with Wilson. He had a good RB with Gordon, but am I missing the stud WR he had..? He made that offense. Comparatively speaking Tua had 2 of his WR's go in the 1st round of last years draft (Jeudy/Ruggs). Devonta Smith and Na
  4. Okay, I'll settle on all Bama QB's under Saban (+30 more years) are hot trash. Glad we can agree on that and put this to bed.
  5. It's a Tua thread, so naturally we're discussing Bama's inability to produce good NFL QB's. Bama is the best college program, and their QB's cant take it to the next level. Tua won't be any different imo. Their guys are commanding high draft picks too (Tua/Jones (most likely) 1st rounder, Hurts 2nd). He threw for under 100 yards in 3 games this year, looked lost a majority of the time, and was benched twice for Fitzpatrick. Oof. If the Dolphins didn't have a solid defense this guy would be causing his team to get blown out every game. Feel free to @ me by the end of the year with these
  6. Congrats dude, you went back 50 years 👍
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Alabama_Crimson_Tide_starting_quarterbacks Pick a good one from this list and what did they accomplish in the NFL. I know you're a big Bama stan DHC, but get real.
  8. Yes. When you have the best coach, the best O-Line, the best WR's, the best RB's, top D, not much else rests on the QB's shoulders. Can you name a good QB to come out of Bama and be a success in the NFL? I bet you can't.
  9. Meant to address this. Like who in the last 50 years?? 😂
  10. That's not the point. It's not that all small school QBs are great, but the best in the league went to smaller college programs. There's no denying it. All the best QB's in the league went to a smaller school (Mahomes, A-Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, Prescott, etc.) or was like Brady and got benched for 2 years in college and had to fight their way to start, not just inherit it like big school QB's. Deshaun Watson is really the only QB that comes to mind that is top 10 and from a big school. And i'm sorry, but Tua will never be Watson. Adversity and struggle builds these QB's up i
  11. It's just a testament to how good of a program Bama has. Tua is more apt to be the next AJ McCarron than the next Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson. Is it foolish? What good QB has ever come out of Alabama since Saban has been there? They produce complete busts, and this is probably your bias coming into play trying to refute that. Not a believer in Hurts or Jones either. I think anyone that bites on Jones early in the first (which someone will) is going to whiff completely.
  12. Said it once before, but Alabama QB's suck, and I don't think Tua is any different. They aren't primed for success in a program that has an o-line and pocket that holds up every play, WR's that are 10-15 yards open, and a coach that outcoaches the opposition every time. The best QB's come from small schools where they had constant adversity. I think this will be the next big Bama QB flop sadly.
  13. 🤷‍♂️ Unless he was holed up in there by himself, he was either with A.) a s---y friend B.) a goomah C.) a sex worker. Being with a hooker might have honestly been the less terrible of the options. If he was present with anyone else they bailed on him. I wasn't even trying to be demeaning, but rather state what it looked like to me. It is what it is.
  14. I did point that much out in my first post. I lived in San Diego for 15 years including his whole time there, and had several friends who ran into him and said as much about him. Coincidentally several of them saw him drunk at the bowling alley, the local hole in the wall, etc. and these weren't even the incidents he was cited for. They were pissed seeing him doing that when we needed him on Sunday!
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