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  1. Flores comes from the school of Beli. He has no loyalty nor does he care how much a guy is getting paid. He's putting the best player in there. If Gaskins continues to do well in his opportunities and Howard/Breida falter, Gaskins will get more and more playing time.
  2. In a standard league with $100FAAB, trying to figure out how much to put in on Hines. Waivers process in about an hour. I've seen large ranges but being standard ~$15-$25 range too much?
  3. Looking for a draft this afternoon (EST) pref. before 5pm.
  4. Hey Freezang, any spots still open? Just sent you an email.
  5. Any afternoon drafts from now until 4pm EST?
  6. Not horrid sure but WR is very deep and RB is very shallow. Putting yourself at a significant disadvantage walking in as everyone will go for CEH as well.
  7. I have to agree. I can't see anyone taking team 1 for the full buy-in of $100. You may need to incentivize with money off or something. Good luck.
  8. I think he's updating the settings now. Only 1 spot open. Drafting in less than an hour.
  9. Man that's tough. Really appreciate all the hard work that he's done for fantasy this year. Get healthy and we will see you back on the squad in 2020!
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