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  1. i'm interested, though looks like the link you posted isn't valid. email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  2. man there are hardly any details in this post. How big is the league? When exactly is the draft time? What are the exact roster spots? Is this full point PPR or half point PPR? What are the payouts? Where are league payments managed (yahoo or leaguesafe)?
  3. I'm at 13/14 paid, so just looking for 1 more owner. Reach out if you're interested email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  4. Have 1 person who has yet to pay and is unreachable. So looking for 1 more team to fill out the league. Reach out if interested. email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  5. Today is the start of the preseason. So while you're enjoying football being back, might as well join an auction league and put your knowledge to use. Final spot remaining email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  6. Realized I posted the wrong draft time, draft is at 3:30 PM PDT
  7. still looking for one final owner email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  8. 1 spot filled, meaning 1 spot remaining. Reach out ASAP if you are interested! email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  9. Had someone reach out with a few clarifying questions. League is hosted on Yahoo, it is a 1 point PPR league, and payments are handled in leaguesafe with payouts done after majority vote approval. email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  10. I am just 2 owners shy in my 14 team Auction league drafting this Saturday 8/10 at 1PM PDT. Buy in is $50. Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1DS/T, 5 Bench Payouts 1st: 4002nd: 1003rd: 50Most Points For: 50 Please reach out if you are interested as I am trying to finalize this league ASAP. email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  11. Got word from someone who joined this morning that the draft time conflicts with a prior engagement. so definitely 1 spot open, potentially 2. Reach out ASAP if interested email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  12. I have filled the 2 spots and replaced one other owner. league sits at 11 paid, with 2 owners who just joined and should be paying by tonight (deadline I informed them of). 1 other owner who joined over the weekend still hasn't paid or responded to my attempts to contact them so there is still potentially 1 spot remaining if anyone wishes to join and can pay the buy in right away. email: inrgktg@gmail.com
  13. I have had 2 people reach out today. There is still potentially another open spot if anyone is interested since I have yet to hear back from an owner about their payment. -Kevin-
  14. had one of the people who hadn't paid yet leave the league. Looking for a minimum of 1 owner now (with a few others who have yet to pay). email: inrgktg@gmail.com
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