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  1. yall r missing a point of LJ "capping" dobbins. Sure Lj may or not vulture few rushing TDs, but the main talking point here should be the fact LJ still rushes a lot between 20s. That's main reason why dobbins upside is capped. His QB runs as often as a general star RB's backup and thats without mentioning gus who is the 1B starter.
  2. Our league wanna do somehting with the NFL playoffs fantasy challenge, how do you guys run it? We assume we will be using NFL's platform. Any other suggestions? How will it work if there is no head to head? Winner based on highest total of points throughout the pkayoffs?
  3. lost last week to a 4th seed on a HOT week (he had Marvin jones, DJ, JT outperformed than expected). this week i had kamara and his 56 points in 3/4 place game... oh of course his jones jr only got 5 points today.
  4. i cant help but feel so hesitant about him next year. Bress is getting up with age and Hill destroys his value. I think we were lucky to have him this year, probably his best fantasy year he will ever have.
  5. last week he had an embarrasing butt fumble 2.0 and didnt play much after that lol
  6. truth be told, i couldnt be happier to see saints lost that one. makes bress even more needed next week
  7. he could be a good play if curtis samuel is out
  8. Funny how Mahomes just had a solid day (real life performance will skew people view on fantasy performance) and just only has 3 more points than Kyler. Still feeling confident in Kyler.
  9. eh before this game, he has put up duds with tua under center
  10. solid day, couldve been better but he still got 140+ scrimmage yards after all. on side note, tua is terrible for miami fantasy players
  11. just look at ekeler lol, chargers absolutely had no reasons to bring him back after a severe tricky injury (hammy) and they did despite chargers picking top 5 in the upcoming draft.
  12. how the hell is it 2nd quarter alrady lol jesus. kamara and MT with sweet 5 pts combned
  13. might start him over mike davis, i think hill at least sholdnt worry too much about sharing touches whereas mike davis seemingly get subbed out every other play in favor of smauel and #35 RB
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