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  1. yall r missing a point of LJ "capping" dobbins. Sure Lj may or not vulture few rushing TDs, but the main talking point here should be the fact LJ still rushes a lot between 20s. That's main reason why dobbins upside is capped. His QB runs as often as a general star RB's backup and thats without mentioning gus who is the 1B starter. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Fantasy Gooroo said:

    Don't own Kamara shares anywhere. I do, however, have two shares of Hill. One of the things I was MOST looking forward to were Kamara dump offs. He can take a one yard pitch the distance. Many of the screens they attempted were blown up in the backfield. The timing seemed a touch off but improved as the game progressed. Hill is more than capable of dumping it off. In fact, I thought he showed too much poise in not taking off as often as I thought he would. That is a great sign. He is not looking to run first. I think this week was the exception. Kamara needs to pick his bottom lip up off the ground and understand that better days are on the horizon. Now that teams see Hill can actually pass, things will open WAY up for Kamara. As for the guy talking about Payton's arrogance...that arrogance just won them the top seed in the NFC despite their Hall of Fame quarterback being out. I don't see anything forcing him to change anytime soon. 

    agreed, hill scrambled way less often than i thought he would

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