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  1. Is that even a good or bad thing? Lol we all know stubbing toes is painful af and if his feet constantly feel like that then uh?
  2. damnit jones was likely out for another week and it was totally jamaal time to shine again
  3. as a bengals fan, they are probably playing it safe with him with bye week next week. Wedesnday and thursday practice will be very telling. If he misses then its very unlikely he suits up. If he practices limited then I like his chances. .
  4. lmao as a murray owner here, loving all of hopkins and drake owners' anti murray comments
  5. alright making sure lol because i saw run TD graphic on espn
  6. is that passing TD for murray right? thats mahomes signature lol
  7. i still has faith in him, he will contiue to be solid low end RB1
  8. crowder could have probably 40 more yards if not for piss poor htrows lol
  9. guard james daniels seemingly feared with a serious injury, huge blow to already suspect bears line
  10. How we feeling about him against SEA? Im sure Dolphins will be playing catch up for the most of game
  11. haskins missed him open on 2 seperate throws smh edit: for TD
  12. Personally i like swift because he has value in PPR, and singletary has been looking meh. ALso when lions gets back golladay, offense will be much better https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825141-should-i-take-this-trade-in-ppr-whir/
  13. I would try trading Bell off his name recgonition, but if not then ill just drop snell
  14. My team QB - Kyler, Burrow RB - Kamara, Mixon, Drake, Conner, Robinson, Montgomery, Mckinnon WR - Sutton (dropped), McLaurin, Crowder, Preston Williams TE - Hurst So obviously, i am heavy at RB and weak at WR so ive been trying to trade for WRs. Receive: Send: Metcalf Mixon Kelce Conner Robby anderson
  15. absoultely nodbody is buying him in my league. either they are not interested at all or offers me some bum player for it
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