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  1. I wouldnt do anything. All 3 do have their own standalone value in addition to being tier A handcuff
  2. what do yall think of chiefs this weekend? going up against chargers where they probbaly have to play catch up, forcing tyrod to be not conservative
  3. I am sorry i misunderstood your situation. I meant yes I would do it to get Chubb. Thought it was the other way around oops lol
  4. apologies for not clear on my OP. I would be dropping Bryan Edwards.
  5. First 2, I personally feel like you are overpaying. Josh allen is a solid fantasy QB and slayton (whom i might be high on) is too much for Murray who is little bit better than Allen. Ertz situation is kinda effy and i would avoid him.
  6. Honestly i wouldnt do that. Chubb had a rough week one but he went up against Ravens D. Mostert will always have Jet Mckinnion and coleman behind him.
  7. PPR, I could claim either Hines or Goedert. I am slightly more heavy at RB than TE. My RBs are Kamara, Mixon, Drake, Conner, Mongomery, Mattison, Robinson and Lat Murray. My sole TE is hayden hurst. But you can never have too much RBs, especially with Mixon looking okay and Conner injured already. But at the same time, Goedert is looking really appealing. Or is Hurst good enough to not worry bout getting another TE?
  8. is conner really hurt or what?? saw him coming back in for one play
  9. i would be fine with them relocating or switch home games with SF. just as long they dont cancel the game
  10. sounds like u had an extensive experience with AJG lol
  11. to be fair, i would say LJ was outlier last year just like MT and CMC
  12. i dont see how mahomes would be stil available in late 3rd. i mean its possible but hes def going early 3rd in my league
  13. I have the 7th pick in 10 teamer and forecast Henry, CEH, and rest of tier 2 backs available. I just cannot bring myself drafting Henry in PPR. Anybody really likes Henry in PPR?
  14. as a huge bengals homer, im going to definitely take him in last round
  15. Nope, although we have a scrimmage tomorrow evening
  16. thought the exact same thing other day!! too much white on the screen
  17. never forgot i owned him last year and always came up disappointed every sunday
  18. Im feeling he returns week 6 against Texans
  19. hoping my approach of waiting on qb pays off with him
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