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  1. wtf was that? hopes hes not put in doghouse now..
  2. i would drop rawls. snead is gonna be solid WR3
  3. cant decide on 2 of those players in ppr: M Bryant Cohen Thielen E Sanders Riddick Powell currently im starting thielen and sanders
  4. damn what a letdown, but he still managed to get 13 points in ppr. so i guess that counts
  5. I really like Engram but again, TEs are always so inconsistent so it may be better to keep L. Murray for now
  6. WHich one should i start? Note - i already have DJ in my starting lineup if that helps
  7. my starting RBs are the following: Zeke and DJ Either i start powell or hyde in flex spot.
  8. The settings is only commish could veto/approve trade and 2 of my league mates just agreed to a trade. I don't see any option to veto or approve trade on NFL.com ?
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