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  1. Basics: 12 Team H-H w/ 4 divisions. 6 playoff spots (last 2 on point total) $50 for this season $8 MFL fees Payout 1st $325 2nd $150 3rd $50 Highpoints through week 13 $75 Leaguesafe holds the $ Up to 4 Keepers in future seasons. Each kept player costs you a pick. Player can be kept at either the round they were drafted in, or, a 6th round pick or next highest available, whichever is higher. When a player is kept for a pick that becomes his new minimum cost the following year. Draft picks pre-draft are tradeable. Future draft picks tradeable if both p
  2. commish found someone the same moment I posted this, sorry!!!!!
  3. We need an owner RIGHT NOW (someone who paid didn't show up) Reply here if you can draft NOW (and like the above format)
  4. I cant tell him anything he wrote to you on the league message board and left .
  5. one of those paid is jmartin you need to refund his entry
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