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  1. Sell kittle if u can for bell and use disley, not a hard decision.
  2. Id do it assuming one qb league, otherwise u will start lamar every week except bye week
  3. I am 4-0 in my 12 team half ppr league and my roster is: Danny Dimes Nicholas Chubb Sir Dalvin Cook Todd Gurley Adam Thelien Brandon Cooks Hockenson Robert Woods LeSean McCoy Mattison Penny I was offered OBJ for Gurley from a team that needs a RB and that has WR depth. I have to accept this trade, right??? Please help and give me some input on your thoughts! WHIR!!
  4. Feed aj green this is redic and mixon blows switch it up on early downs and throw some!!!
  5. I’m confused, isn’t this a Doug Martin season outlook thread??
  6. The fight happened and is done with, let’s move onto his ros outlook and analysis. As Bill Bellichick would say “we’re onto Tennessee”. Hoping he has a big game!
  7. Having the leg and Jacksonville defense is a lethal combination. This guy deserves to be picked in the first round!!
  8. Bortles, Savage isn’t gonna do much
  9. I say jimmy g since he has the higher ceiling and you already have winston and mahomes
  10. I say no, hold tight. You are 6-2 and you have zeke handcuff plus dak.
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