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  1. I like it too, especially considering that you probably got a decent player with that open spot. It's tough for me to judge leagues smaller than 12 though. Thanks for posting in mine.
  2. Thanks. I'm worried about Elliott's workload, which is why I currently have him benched for the first one. But I am worried about Mixon getting game scripted out early since I think that game will be a bloodbath. Any particular reason why you'd bench Freeman for the first one? I'm not sure how effective Gurley will be, but at least I know he'll get a lot of snaps. Like I said, Freeman was my lean for the second one.
  3. Unfortunately, these leagues are only two RBs and one flex... 12 team full PPR dynasty, bench one Mixon at SEA Kamara vs. HOU (obviously not benching, but I'm listing him anyway) D. Freeman at MIN Elliott vs. NYG 12 team half PPR dynasty, bench one Kamara vs. HOU (again, not benching) Carson vs. CIN Gurley at CAR D. Freeman at MIN At the moment, Elliott is my lean for the first one, and Freeman is my lean for the second one. Thanks in advance. Leave a link.
  4. Only two QBs in the first five rounds sounds like nobody in your league has really done a superflex league before. I don't like Hilton with the news of Luck, either. I'm higher on DJ than most this year (I think). I like your depth as well. It looks pretty good, but it's really difficult for me to judge 10 team leagues. Thanks for posting in mine.
  5. 12 team PPR dynasty... not sure who to cut for Coutee. He's out there still for some reason. QB- Rivers RB- Elliott, Kamara WR- Evans, Cooper, Moore TE- Andrews Flex- D. Freeman K- Lutz DEF- CHI BN- Stafford, D. Williams, J. Jackson, L. Miller, Westbrook, Hamilton, Tate, A.J. Brown, Arcega-Whiteside, Goedert My lean was Stafford, but considering the free agent pool, he'd get scooped up right away since Nick Foles might be the best free agent quarterback. That will only leave me with Rivers at QB. Leave a link. Thanks in advance.
  6. I ended up trading Kyle Wright and a throw in for Edwin Encarnacion. I hope Edwin heats up. He's moved up in the batting order the last few days.
  7. 100 percent this. I don't think he'll get traded, but you never know...
  8. Sale, deGrom, Strasburg, Kershaw, Greinke
  9. Mondesi just got placed on the IL, so there's your answer now if you weren't sure.
  10. Jones, Bell and Cook for me as well
  11. Thanks, guys. I will see if anyone is interested. Shopping Rivers is also a good idea since I have Rodgers. I know that I badly need RB help, haha. I think I might go for a full rebuild since my RBs are so bad. I know you don't build around RBs, but in a non-PPR, it's hard to win without good ones.
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