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  1. let me know if your ESPN league needs another player! Willing to pay up to $50 through Leaguesafe.
  2. Ah yes the app wouldn’t let me see it, it if just follow the web link I can. Looks good. I’m assuming if either the league doesn’t fill or if there’s no nfl season or it’s cancelled mid way through we’d get our money back?
  3. Hi, I’m interested but when I click on the league link it says I’m not authorised to view the league? Do you still have spots available?
  4. Hello, please let me know if you have a spot in your league for me! I'm looking to stick with ESPN, and ideally standard scoring non-PPR. I could join a money league using Leaguesafe but nothing over $200. Thanks :)
  5. Thanks, looks like there’s currently only 6 teams in it? What happens if you’re struggling for numbers, could it be a 12 team or would we get a refund?
  6. Hello, I’m keen to join. Is your email address spelt correctly? I tried to email you but I got an email saying your address doesn’t exist! Is there still room in this league?
  7. Hello, Seems like everyone is playing PPR or super flex leagues these days! I’m looking to keep it simple and join a standard scoring H2H league on ESPN. If it’s for money ideally I’d like to use leaguesafe as I’m familiar with it. if anyone out there has a space in a league like this please let me know. I’ll be an active owner, looking for trades etc. cheers, Chris
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