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  1. It wouldn't stun me if Atlanta goes with a Mike Davis / Ito Smith backfield this season but I'd still bet on them bringing in a rookie. Davis would presumably shoulder a bit more of the load early than he would late in the season as teams tend to like to ease those youngsters in a bit. Worst case scenario for Davis would be like a 30%-ish snap share with a fair amount of passing game work. Atlanta signed him to use him in some capacity. Ito Smith is more suited for a joker role and Hill and Gurley are gone.
  2. I am an attorney, but I don't play one on message boards, so I'm not going to wade into the mess of this thread beyond stating that I think there is now less than a 1% chance Watson plays for any team other than Houston in 2021. It would be malpractice to trade for this guy now.
  3. A rare opening has come up for 2021 in a league that has been running since 1997. Here are the details: You’ve done PPR, you’ve done IDP. Are you ready for the Ultimate Challenge? This is a 10 category rotisserie style format league. The scoring categories are: 1. Gross punting average 2. Net punting average 3. Punts within 20 yard line 4. Tackles 5. Touchbacks 6. Kickoff distance average 7. Points scored 8. PAT percentage 9. Field goal percentage 10. Successful onside kicks (defined as a team recovery) We use eight-man rosters for this league
  4. But will Watson go gentle into that good night?
  5. Rushing upside, legit #1 WR stud to throw to, pass-first offensive scheme, and he's basically the goal-line back. What's not to like? To me where you're taking him in a snake just comes down to your philosophy as to when to draft QBs. But this is as safe an asset as there is.
  6. If you want to see an example of having no class at all, here was WaPo's headline this morning: "Marty Schottenheimer, NFL coach whose teams wilted in the postseason, dies at 77." What a disgusting thing to do to a man and his family. Two thumbs down.
  7. The question with guys like Wentz and Goff should not be "how much will you give for him" but rather "how much does the team getting rid have to throw in as compensation for their terrible contracts?" Don't be fooled into thinking the Rams gave two 1sts and a 3rd and a QB for Stafford. They gave a 1st and a 3rd for Stafford and an extra 1st to get rid of Goff's contract.
  8. Everyone needs a friend to tell them when he should keep an idea to himself. Bell clearly didn't run this by a qualified filter.
  9. Thanks all. 😆 Sorry, it had been slow around here and I couldn't help myself.
  10. Offer seems a bit light. Should I ask for a 1st and a 2nd in a counter?
  11. Two easy covers. I hope you tailed and spend the money in good health.
  12. Aaron Jones sealed his fate with this team with the fumble. Dillon shares to the moon.
  13. Obligatory Aaron Rodgers in a stocking cap at the end of a loss camera shot.
  14. Green Bay blaming the refs when they should fire their coach now for kicking the FG.
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