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  1. But will Watson go gentle into that good night?
  2. Rushing upside, legit #1 WR stud to throw to, pass-first offensive scheme, and he's basically the goal-line back. What's not to like? To me where you're taking him in a snake just comes down to your philosophy as to when to draft QBs. But this is as safe an asset as there is.
  3. If you want to see an example of having no class at all, here was WaPo's headline this morning: "Marty Schottenheimer, NFL coach whose teams wilted in the postseason, dies at 77." What a disgusting thing to do to a man and his family. Two thumbs down.
  4. The question with guys like Wentz and Goff should not be "how much will you give for him" but rather "how much does the team getting rid have to throw in as compensation for their terrible contracts?" Don't be fooled into thinking the Rams gave two 1sts and a 3rd and a QB for Stafford. They gave a 1st and a 3rd for Stafford and an extra 1st to get rid of Goff's contract.
  5. Everyone needs a friend to tell them when he should keep an idea to himself. Bell clearly didn't run this by a qualified filter.
  6. Thanks all. 😆 Sorry, it had been slow around here and I couldn't help myself.
  7. Offer seems a bit light. Should I ask for a 1st and a 2nd in a counter?
  8. Two easy covers. I hope you tailed and spend the money in good health.
  9. Aaron Jones sealed his fate with this team with the fumble. Dillon shares to the moon.
  10. Obligatory Aaron Rodgers in a stocking cap at the end of a loss camera shot.
  11. Green Bay blaming the refs when they should fire their coach now for kicking the FG.
  12. If there's some place you can get KC -2.5 or at -3 with no juice or something I'd take that. KC should be rated about 1 to 2 points higher than BUF so with home field that should be -4 or -5. Of course if Mahomes doesn't play you are tearing up tickets but I think that's incredibly unlikely. I'd take the points on Tampa. Brady has every possible chance to shred the Packers D and even if the Packers win (they probably will) there is so much chance for the "backdoor" cover in what should be a shootout that Tampa is the play getting 3 or 3.5 for me. (Let's also not forget that Tampa be
  13. On November 1, in a live-game thread, I posted the following about Lamar Jackson: "I have to wonder if Jackson will be a starter in this league in 2 years." I'm still wondering.
  14. Teams with the funniest pun in their name start as a three-point favorite.
  15. By the way, I did in fact enjoy watching this.
  16. Winston would be insanely good for McLaurin. They'd be throwing every play to cover for all the pick sixes. Trubisky would be okay. Fitzmagic would be better than okay. Newton would be awful. As would be the idea of any team paying him $20 million plus a year to be the starting QB.
  17. Even if Jacobs did anything wrong (unknown), will he even serve a suspension? You may recall the Melvin Gordon situation sort of just got put into the memory hole.
  18. I'm still working on my way-too-early PPR first round rankings but I'm pretty sure McCaffrey will be #1 on them. If Brees comes back or some non-Hill QB is the Saints starter, Kamara will be #2. If Hill is announced as the starter, I may move Kamara down below #2 and McCaffrey would then be a clear #1. (Unless Alshon signs with Green Bay.)
  19. Sat Gaskin on Saturday night in favor of Hunt, watched Gaskin go off, was sick about it all night and into Sunday morning, still won by 48.1 (had the game wrapped up before my Diggs played on MNF and then he scored a million).
  20. A prediction: after most of the top end-RBs busting (McCaffrey and Barkley totally; Zeke mostly) plus three more top 10 ADP guys busting a bit (Mixon and CEH, plus Chubb missed a lot of games although still had a very nice season, and might at least be thought of by people as having been a bust or risky, etc.), you're going to see Zero RB en vogue again in 2021.
  21. I write some long posts. I understand that many will not like that and/or will rip me for it but I figure they can just not read it. The post also serves as a reminder to me that I can go back to in future seasons if I want to remember a process I used. So I don't really consider it wasted time, even if nobody reads it. As for writing it on my own, I actually dictated it to the secretary in the production department of my office. Then a girl from my steno pool edited it a bit before sending it back to me for another round before my guy at Simon & Schuster looked at it. I had fina
  22. If a defensive tackle or a wide receiver (WRs are mostly thought of as insane anyway, especially the elite guys) had done this, it would be one thing. But if the quarterback gives off the vibe that he doesn't care how the team does, that guy is always going to be canned. The leader needs to be pristine. If you want to be an eccentric or a weirdo you have to keep that under wraps until you are a big star and the team has to explain it away as a "quirk." Some of you may not be old enough to remember this but this reminds me of when Billy Joe Hobert was a backup and "didn't read the playb
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