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  1. I'm expecting a 30% target share minimum. Houston will have to throw at least 33 times in any game, which means he'll get 10 targets a game. He had 14 targets last week. It's virtually impossible for a guy of Cooks's ability not to do well with 10 targets a game. Starting with confidence.
  2. Sell high. Saquon or Kamara might be an option for you.
  3. Warning: this guy had Sermon as his rookie RB1 this offseason.
  4. I got an inquiry yesterday about trading either Tyler Lockett or Cooper Kupp. I have a lot of good WRs so I'll make both of them available this week if others want to put in offers. @erver5 @mbs4 @DerrickHenrysCleats @TBB @southernSteeler @megamoviejohn @PackAttack @ahoitink @predator_05 @Iron-cock @Boudewijn
  5. He's JAG in my book but has a path to volume so should be owned.
  6. Other than that, Hasty is a hell of a grab.
  7. Allen may be saddled with the ultimate QB killer: a good defense.
  8. He's been killer in my 9-category roto league that has two-yard runs and snap percentage as two of the nine categories.
  9. Another huge workload incoming if he's healthy.
  10. Pretty cool the 49ers have both Jeff Wilson Jr. and David Wilson Jr. on the same roster.
  11. Think how bad this guy must be in practice. Week 1 healthy scratch. Week 2: SF got stuffed all day yet he didn't see the field until late. Then fumbled. What a brutal start for a guy many took in the 1st round of dynasty rookie drafts.
  12. 14 of the first 16 carries plus a goal line touch plus two catches. If you were worried he wouldn't have the job, he cleared that hurdle. Of course he didn't do much, but that's a harder thing to predict.
  13. Omg. Can't remember I saw an NFL game have this happen at the end.
  14. Why draft Barkley in the early 2nd when you could take McKissic in the late 14th? #Next LevelDraftStrategy
  15. How much FAAB should I spend Gibson to cuff McKissic?
  16. Washington’s next five games include at Bills, Saints, Chiefs, at Packers. If they lose tonight, they are finished.
  17. I've never really been impressed with Monty before but I thought he was excellent tonight.
  18. Looking like he will lead the league in two-yard gains this season.
  19. Just two more injuries away from a fantasy relevant role. Maybe.
  20. I wouldn't spend all my FAAB on this guy in a FAAB league. In a waiver position league though he's absolutely worth using the top waiver priority. The upside is substantial. Dynasty guys know who this player is and are not surprised he was able to perform once given the chance.
  21. The fact that Dimes is in the game and spiking the ball down 20 with 30 seconds to go just underscores what a Mickey Mouse organization NYG is.
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