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  1. I feel like I should take offense to this, lol. That's my exact situation in one league - I have MT and I'm 1-7. But I don't think we are in the same league (and I certainly don't think that I can make the playoffs). But I have a pretty decent team, and I always set my lineup and grab guys off waivers if I think they can help (landed Fulgham this year). Here is the Points Against per team so far in my league: 1124.30 1042.92 1021.88 929.28 1084.76 1080.50 1070.16 1063.30 1061.58 1118.02 1024.34 1247.34 <-- that's my team
  2. I'm talking draft order only. I wouldn't agree to playing out a season with projections.
  3. I had a feeling some people would hate the idea. To me, what a team did 3 years ago, or even two years ago, is irrelevant. You are right, the point of playing is to be smarter than paper projections. But if there is no season, then there is no being smarter. Projections are all we will have for this year. Projections will at least take into account where players are at this stage of their careers, and their current team situations. The point of the draft is to compensate teams with bad lineups right now, who did poorly this year (the year preceding the draft). Not one year ago,
  4. Some people may not like this, but I figure why not just agree on a site that publishes player projections and use that to rank teams based on their starting lineup (and maybe their top two or three bench players from their RBs, WRs, and TEs). Teams would be ranked according to their quality "on paper". Going back 3 years I think is alright too. It's based on actual data, which is a plus, but where some teams were two or three years ago isn't going to be reflective of where they are now. Projections will be. Obviously, there isn't any perfect option.
  5. The problem with RBBC is, how many touches will McCoy or Williams get? How many touches will Gore or Singletary get? Barber or RoJo? There is just no predicting this stuff with research. Even when one back is clearly better than the other, you get this stupid RBBC. I think the carries get divvied up based on the whims of these coaches during the game. They probably don't even know what they are going to do until the game is happening, which sucks. The you have CMC, and that's the other end of the spectrum. They are stupid for wearing him out for no reason, but this is what a team s
  6. I'm still alive in all my leagues, but this is an interesting topic. It sucks having Howard on my dynasty team. Can't drop him, can't trade him, can't play him. I have some depth at TE (Hockenson, Ian Thomas, Josh Oliver) but that's more potential than guys I can actually use. And then this last game, Brate has 14 targets to O.J.'s 1!! Didn't see the game but that's ridiculous. I hope O.J. forces a trade this off-season. Have to admit, a lot were warning off of O.J. based on Arians and him not using the TE much in the passing game, but I drafted him in a redraft league thinking the
  7. Can't believe, after all that's happened over the last year, people are still defending this guy.
  8. Wow. Maybe Bill is officially senile. So is AB legit crazy, or was this all just his grand plan to get out of Oak? The answer to that will determine how the rest of this year goes. One thing is for sure. All AB thinks about is AB, so when things don't go his way you know he's going to be trouble. Hope the Pats are in for a very rough ride.
  9. That work ethic hasn't been on display the past year though. To think he's going to sign somewhere and just put his nose to the grindstone so to speak, well, I highly doubt it. AB has drank too much of the AB Kool-aid, and it was clearly spiked with something, probably by Big Ben.
  10. Boy, that's putting a nice spin on things. Yup, he was pretty professional this past year.
  11. At his age is when receivers start to decline. That's all I'm basing that on. He may prove to be one of the exceptions, but not the way he's going. Then there is the question of which team he lands on, and whether they will throw as often or as competently as the Steelers did. This is a total dumpster fire, way more than TO or Josh Gordon ever was, and people are clinging to him signing to a SB contender and putting up 1,500 yards with 12 TDs!
  12. It's crazy to me that you think he can still put up an all-pro type season. He's clearly not focused on football and his skills, impressive as they are, are declining. One strike policy, prove it type deal? Again, anything is possible. But a team will have to want to take on the massive distraction, a guy who likely has CTE and is really off his rocker at the moment, a guy who will be a distraction for the rest of the team, it's coaching staff, and it's front office. If anyone signs a player like this they really shouldn't be running an NFL team.
  13. Anything is possible, there may be 1 or 2 out of 30 that thinks they can turn him around. But this isn't typical NFL head case type stuff. If all of these other 30 teams (excluding the Steelers and Raiders) have been paying attention, no one is going to do it. And that leaves Vince McMahon, who will, but he's got nothing to lose.
  14. Yup. No one is going to sign him. You'd have to be nuts to do so. Some fans in this thread are delusional. Pats? Chiefs? Bills? LMAO! He's gonna sign somewhere and ball out! Shove it in the Steelers and Raiders faces! I can guarantee the Bills are relieved, RELIEVED, they didn't get him this past summer. He's on the wrong side of 30, and what we didn't know back when the Raiders signed him, is just how nuts he is. Now we do. No one is going to want to deal with that distraction. And to call it a distraction is an understatement. The sad thing is, I bet in fiv
  15. I won't regret it. The top of the draft is not where one should take big risks. There are a lot of very productive players and other teams are going to get them, so you have to make sure you get yours as well. To me it's utter foolishness, utter foolishness, to draft AB over, say, Zach Ertz. I try to avoid problems. Look at all the hype over Josh Gordon. How has he worked out for people owning him over the last five years? Dude is nothing more than a headache 90% of the time. How did drafting Lev Bell go for people last year? No way do I draft guys in the first half of a draft tha
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