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  1. Indeed. Well said. This guy clearly F%#&s.
  2. I’m just happy that we still live in a world where people think a 5’10 183 lb 3rd round pick is going to outperform a 6’4 238lb 2nd round pick who is faster, can jump higher, and is at least as good at running routes and catching balls. As a sub-six footer myself it gives me pride somehow.
  3. Appears to be the biggest, fastest, most versatile, best route runner on the team who makes the most spectacular catches. Bearish when Johnson returns. Cuz his first name is Dionte. Or something. I dunno.
  4. He's clearly a monster, but he likely won't be providing useful fantasy production this year barring an Aaron Jones injury. If the Packers have any brains at all they will let Jones walk in the offseason and make Dillon their primary back the way the Titans have done with Henry. Signing Jones to a Kamara-like contract would pretty much doom the Packers for the next few years, which I wouldn't mind as a Bears fan but would hate as a dynasty owner holding AJ Dillon.
  5. Mapletron is objectively better than MolsonTron. 👍🏻
  6. Just traded Gaskin for Claypool. Hope he keeps up his solid play though! Love his share of the workload, just don’t see him as being a standout athlete to the point that he can keep that job long term. His absolute upside seems like lower end RB2 to me. (Have him in my other league, so I’m still on the bandwagon)
  7. Correction. If Trubisky’s first read is open he can sometimes complete a ball, if he doesn’t overthrow it, underthrow it, or get sacked because he waited too long.
  8. Correction: Replying to someone and telling them you won't bother to read their reply is the weakest board move of all time. Kind of like yelling "last word!" during an argument and then running away. Pretty lame. Edit to make this post thread-relevant instead of just conversation-relevant: Hunt is a beast who finds a way to positively impact the box score in every game that he plays in. As long as he keeps doing that he is a top 3 RB and there really isn't much else to discuss.
  9. Impressive game: fact Against defending champs: fact Primetime: fact At Gilette Stadium: fact Since when is sharing facts considered being misleading? He never said the Patriots didn't play like garbage
  10. Robrain, I think some people are mistaking your point to be that Hunt is not going to keep putting up 40+ points per game, but that is obvious. Can you clearly and concisely state your point in one sentence to give clarification on what you think about Hunt's outlook going forward?
  11. Are we really trying to make Rex Burkhead happen? It's not going to happen...
  12. Just changed my team name to "Kareem of the Crop"
  13. End of last season I traded away Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry and Carson Wentz for Andrew Luck in my dynasty league. This probably bodes well for owners of all three of those players I traded away. lol
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