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  1. With Hunt, Swift, and Gibson, plus Gaskin waiting on IR, you still think I should stick with my TEs and trade for a RB instead?
  2. 12 team PPR. (9-2) Thinking about throwing out 2 offers, trying to upgrade my TE. my team: QB-Josh Allen RB- Hunt, Gibson,Swift, Gaskin (Ir), Fournette WR- Adams, Julio, D.Johnson, Antonio Brown, Curtis Samuel TE- Hooper, Jonnu Smith Im thinking of offering Julio for Waller, or I could try trading him a RB, but I think Julio gets the deal done. or I could try Josh Allen+Hooper/Jonnu for Brady+Mark Andrews. This team has the #6 seed right now and pretty much needs to win out, so Brady’s bye week could mess him up. Also could throw in a RB if needed
  3. 12 Team PPR. Need 2 RBs and a flex. Gibson vs NYG Fournette vs NO Swift at MIN Pollard vs PIT Dionte Johnson at DAL Antonio Brown vs NO
  4. I would rather trade Goedert instead of Hockenson but idk if he would take that. I like Hockenson as a reliable TE, especially in a 16 team league. I think you make this trade if you need the win for a playoff push.
  5. Could be out 1-2 weeks, or 3-6. Depends how severe the injury is, which leaves a really uncertain return. I would trade him if you can sell someone on him returning in 1-2 weeks and still get a RB2/WR2 in return. You need the help now to make a playoff push
  6. 12 team PPR my RBs- Hunt, Gaskin, Fournette, Swift, White, Murray, Gio Bernard My WRs- Adams, Julio, Juju, Antonio Brown, Tim patrick (likely dropping) Adams and Julio are great, but can I trust D.Johnson/Brown to be my WR3 for 2 injury prone WRs? Looking to upgrade at RB with Chubb coming back and my short lived rental of Gio gone.
  7. You’re taking an unnecessary risk with Rodgers. I like him this week, and wouldn’t be surprised if he has a great game. But I am not sitting Mark Andrews for him.
  8. Gurley still rushed the ball 18 times in a game where it’s believed he was held out for a short week. Injury concerns will always be an issue with him, but I don’t see them splitting carries on a normal week as long as Gurley is healthy. Im personally not a fan of stashing RB handcuffs unless it’s to my top RB, or I have an open roster spot with very limited options. Since you’d have to trade for him, I don’t really like the move unless he comes really cheap for you
  9. Nine targets to tie with Waller for all TEs last week means zero interest from Daniel Jones/NYG?? Are we talking about the same player here? Nah, keep Engram stashed. The Giants have said multiple times that they view Engram as an offensive threat. How many other TEs get tosses from the backfield?
  10. PPR 2WR+Flex. Waivers do not reset each week. My WRs- Golladay, Robby Anderson, Kupp, Slayton, Tim Patrick, Gallup (been holding for trade rumors) Do I add CeeDee Lamb with my #1 waiver claim?
  11. It looks like it’s snowing in Denver for the game. I’d probably avoid that, otherwise I would say Fant as well. if you believe the Pats can stomp SF, then Harris is a good safe play. I might take my shot on Trequan though with Michael Thomas missing time.
  12. I like the idea, this is a high risk/high reward trade here, similar to what I’m considering in my trade of Hunt for Thomas. You’ve got the depth to make this trade, you’re not only benching Singletary, but probably considering benching Arob some weeks. I think you take the risk
  13. The thing is I think people are overlooking, I can start 5 WRs in full PPR. My healthy regular lineup would be Henry+Gaskins(or White). And Adams, Ridley,MT, Golladay, and Boyd. All of them would be starting.
  14. Bump, he’s offered me Michael Thomas for Kareem Hunt. I’m conflicted. Leaves me in a rough spot as long as Thomas is out. But if Thomas comes back and plays like he should, my team is scary
  15. I’d first see if you can make any cheap trades with Gio. You don’t need him this week, and he’ll only have value for a Mixon owner past this week. I like Tannehill, this week might be a little rough vs Pitt, but I think he can be a very solid QB to trust most matchups. I like the idea of trading Murray away and getting a top tier RB, but idk if he would take this offer.
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