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  1. Bird? Total wildcard. Fuentes earned the right to PT at least over Bird. If Cron is healthy and looks good he's going to seize the role FT imo.
  2. After Melancon signed I'm more intrigued with the ATL bullpen. It's crazy how lefty heavy that bullpen is but they have a few RHP that could be moved to the bullpen (Wright/Wilson/Toussaint etc). I still think they sign another RHP and there are a few out there like Jeffress and Greene. If they sign another RHP then that really helps Martin. In any event it feels like a complete toss up though given how good Matzek, Minter, and Martin all looked.
  3. Yea that's the key with his ADP: .290 25 returns top 100 value. .275 18-20 and he's overpriced.
  4. They all have an equal chance imo including Ginkel. Always be careful drafting late season closer stop gaps. Not a single confirmation Crichton has the role.
  5. Agreed one could argue that whole team gets a pass to an extent. But he’s a young guy and didn’t get COVID so he has less of an excuse.
  6. Look at his SB success rate in 2019 and tell me that’s not a crazy outlier. Meh SBA too. Him and Joey Wendle have virtually the same skills yet Wendle is going 150+ picks later.* So you’re paying for a perceived better run production and ABs: Both predicated on a secure lineup spot AND lead off position. *Caveat that the current high draft price is based on DCs which have no FAAB so multi-position guys get a big bump. Having said that, Wendle has nearly that same multi-position bump so that point stands relative to each other.
  7. I don't get the love for the guy. 2019 looks like a power outlier and SBs in his range aren't predictable. Not sure how much he's going to steal in front of Goldy and Arenado. Definitely 100 run upside but he could very well go 10-10. He's Joey Wendle with a better lineup spot.
  8. Means less than normal in a short season. With Marte projected to get ABs in center and the criminally underrated Locastro pressing for a full time role, he absolutely could start in the minors. It's not like he set the world on fire when he came up...
  9. Urshela actually 50 picks later.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. With Canning/Heaney/Ohtani getting back end SP depth is just as critical as front line starters. And if there are expanded playoffs then the urgency to get an top SP early on is lessened.
  11. I doubt Angels or anyone is going to pay the price Rockies are asking for Marquez. Perry has assembled some of the top execs and talent evaluators in the league. Meaning they know what they are doing and the urgency. There are probably a lot of internal discussions about trading Marsh vs. signing an Odorizzi and seeing what they have there. Midseason SP acquisitions are cheaper than FA obviously. They aren't signing Bauer and for good reason.
  12. He's going to play right if he gets the nod.
  13. He's one of many very good NL/AL Central pitchers (Him, Bieber, Maeda, Burnes, Darvish) whose numbers are somewhat skewed by horrible competition. And Bauer's spike is the most due for regression (particularly strand rate.) I can't take that in the 1st round personally.
  14. Eye test wise he was uber shaky in the role. Ask any Astros fan. They have gone out of their way to not anoint him. So yes
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