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  1. Based on what? Certainly not last year.
  2. Well thank you Eddie for convincing me to avoid both situations now.
  3. Really curious to see what happens next with Sims and Garrett. Last time both pitched I think Garrett pitched first..
  4. He's already a starter. Mazara injury is good for Reyes.
  5. Karinchak in 8th. Assuming Clase in for the save. Seems like Karinchak only got it because Clase needed a day off now.
  6. I think so. His stuff is good enough that if his control is like it was yesterday then he's startable most games.
  7. ERA under 1, 40 saves, 90+ ks
  8. Graveman looks good and next up Clase is going to finish as the top closer. Could be a historic season too.
  9. Big ups to the oracles who saw this coming. You are geniuses whoever you are.
  10. Coach basically said as much pre-season to be fair
  11. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2021-03-23/padres-fernando-tatis-injury-mackenzie-gore Looking back at the spring training injury reports there was a whole lot of smoke there. Why would they not send him for an MRI then? (Assuming they didn't)
  12. Yes. I stand corrected. Hope it sticks!!
  13. He’s thrown as good as he ever has. Fielding another story. One of the most secure closers in the league lol
  14. Might be the first time this guy isn’t wrong. Said the same about Eloy. That said I’d be shocked if it doesn’t reveal a pre-existing torn labrum.
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