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  1. Big ups to the oracles who saw this coming. You are geniuses whoever you are.
  2. Coach basically said as much pre-season to be fair
  3. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2021-03-23/padres-fernando-tatis-injury-mackenzie-gore Looking back at the spring training injury reports there was a whole lot of smoke there. Why would they not send him for an MRI then? (Assuming they didn't)
  4. Yes. I stand corrected. Hope it sticks!!
  5. He’s thrown as good as he ever has. Fielding another story. One of the most secure closers in the league lol
  6. Might be the first time this guy isn’t wrong. Said the same about Eloy. That said I’d be shocked if it doesn’t reveal a pre-existing torn labrum.
  7. To clarify: I think the hitting skills project him out to be a top-30-40 hitter for the season as opposed to two games.
  8. 5/6 starts hitting makes him totally worth it in weekly (at least hitting of course). Guys arguably a top 30 hitter already.
  9. Don't hold your breath. . Both Fowler and Pujols are going to get about 10x more leash than they deserve. Hopefully Maddon realizes the bs leadership/experience only counts for so much. As it stands Walsh is only going to play against some righties, when Shohei sits and when Albert needs days off. Maybe that's more than we think (4/6?). Maybe if he gets hot it keep Alberts on the bench until Walsh cools. But Walsh ain't playing RF.
  10. Cash by the save numbers is about as unpredictable as it gets. At best you can peg a guy as a .5 closer. Looks like Castillo.
  11. Yea. Probably short term until Hicks is healthy enough. Lots has been written about that possible plan.
  12. I feel like all of us knew this was coming on some level. Just interesting how not a single beat writer speculated it. Go figure.
  13. Yea @swingbattermentioned it above. Probably as good of a hint as you could ask for with Clase Still who knows until Wittgren shows. I really hope it's Clase though. He's no Merryweather but he could be a top 10 closer if he gets it.
  14. He definitely cannot afford another outing like that. Will be interesting to see if they pivot in a one run lead. Holland would be my guess but yea crappy situation if he cannot hold it.
  15. Yes I can see those same stats thanks for the recap lol Other than Gamel (when he was probably tilting) his control was solid by his standards.
  16. At least he's throwing strikes Please dont blow my Boyd win the double gut punch
  17. To be fair Francona did say they would all also pitch without the lead too Karinchak has the worst control so it makes sense to get some sea legs under him / jitters out of him etc
  18. I was being facetious. Clearly?
  19. You're welcome for this one too. I'm too good at this *&%#$.
  20. If not Soto may be Holland. That would be an interesting curve..
  21. It's Soto. Your Oracle has already spoken. No need to worry.
  22. And here.. we.. go. Only major update so far is Rosenthal on the DL. Diekman / Romo / Trevino. They went out of their way to name Diekman before so he probably gets first shot. Yuck Saw some mention about the Padres not making an announcement after all. I'm fairly certain they only said they had decided on a closer and would NOT announce it before it happens (i..e ninth inning lead) for competitive reasons.
  23. No news from either beat writer etc
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