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  1. It's not about talent, it's about opportunity. Nobody thought Ty was some uber talented back, but the opportunity combined with the choice matchup against a terrible defense is why people picked him up.
  2. Because he's been the primary backup all season and Patricia himself said he and McKissick would get the majority of the work? Then the game starts and he gives a bunch of other no-name dudes carries instead. That's straight out of the Belichick playbook, but Patricia ain't Belichick.
  3. Against one of the worst teams in the NFL. That's really irrelevant to Patricia's coaching ability.
  4. Clueless coaching by Patricia. This is what happens when you get a wannabe off the Belichick coaching tree who thinks he's really Belichick. What a goof.
  5. Pull the trigger on this and don’t think twice.
  6. i would do that deal and I wouldn’t worry about having two Rams WR because Kupp is the guy you want from that team anyway.
  7. Streaming QB this week for me is down to Stafford vs. Moore. I like everything about Stafford and the matchup BUT my opponent is starting both Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman this week, so I’m wondering if it might make more sense to start Moore to offset any scoring those two might do? any thoughts?
  8. Tough to enjoy these games when both teams are having big plays and potential scoring drives ended by incessant penalties. Is this really what the NFL wants?
  9. .5 PPR I’m being offered Amari Cooper and Tyler Boyd in exchange for my Leonard Fournette. At RB I have: Fournette Josh Jacobs Sony Michel Phillip Lindsay Chris Thompson Devin Singletary I feel pretty set at WR with Adams, Michael Thomas, Christian Kirk and DJ Moore. Any thoughts?
  10. Teddy, stop playing scared and THROW THE BALL TO MICHAEL THOMAS
  11. Gruden is calling a really poor game today.
  12. Any chance someone can remind Gruden that Josh Jacobs is on his roster? Enough of this Jalen Richard crap.
  13. Would I be crazy to start Thompson over Sony Michel this week in full PPR? Redskins facing a high-powered offense.. this has the feel of a game script that will have Washington down early and throwing all day long.
  14. Beast. Looks small out there though, hope he can stay healthy over 16.
  15. Freeman was in on a lot of passing downs. Broncos offense is a mess, and their new OC looks clueless as to how to use Lindsay. I'm not feeling good after what I saw tonight.
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